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You and your friends can immerse yourselves in one or more of these exciting virtual reality sports game rentals as the featured entertainment at your event. Our dependable staff takes care of delivery, sets up, management of the machines during the event, and removal. Call for quotes and information regarding our services.

1. Grand Prix Auto Racing
Experience the thrill of virtual race car driving while strapped into the cockpit of this high tech simulator. Vibrating seat and steering wheel, spring loaded clutch pedal and 42" monitor offer an opportunity to participate in an adventure unattainable for most people in real life. Two units can be linked for neck and neck racing with friends.

2. Daytona Twins
As many as four units can be linked together to simulate an 8 player competition in this brilliantly animated system. The designers have achieved a dramatic visual experience with the use of sweeping camera shots and multiple camera angels. This game puts your driving skills, co-ordination and agility to the ultimate test and let's the speed demon within - out.

3. Race Car Simulation Deluxe Edition
This system is the highest quality virtual racing experience available. You are transported onto the race track with vivid audio and visual effects as you maneuver your way around the course at fantastic speeds. Multiple players may compete against each other risking life and limb for that coveted trophy.

4. Snowboarder, Surfer, Skateboarder Simulator
Challenge your athletic ability in any one of these three boarding sports systems. Plant your feet on the board and thrust yourself into the extreme environment displayed on the screen as your maneuver down hill, under the crest of a giant wave or on the cement surface of a skate board course. Your body movements control the virtual events encountered in each adventure.

5. Snowmobile or Jet Ski Simulator
Choose the snowmobile or jet ski simulator for high speed excitement. These systems offer graduating levels of difficulty and keep score of your performance. Players get drawn into the virtual world before them as they struggle to maintain control of the mobile through the course at super velocity.

6. Virtual Baseball
Kids and adults who love this sport have a chance to prove themselves against the system's big league pitcher. Stepping up to the plate with a hi-tech foam covered bat, the player swings and hits. If he nails it, he can watch his ball sail over the left field wall for a home run. The system can be set for batting challenge or real games.

7. Virtual Basketball
This amazing video technology allows the player to move about the court battling opponents as he shoots for the basket. The 3- dimensional illusion created using green screen and computer programming to act and react to every move, puts the player "in" the game. The audio track of cheering crowd and sound of the ball on the court adds to the reality.

8. Virtual Volleyball
Volleyball players take pleasure in challenging this system's pro. Their live video image is integrated into the seaside scene and the back and forth play against the computer figure begins. Multiple players can join into to form a team and the competition with the computer team promises a level of difficulty to be reckoned with.

9. Virtual Soccer
As goal keeper, your live video image is planted in front of the net to defend against scoring by the computer players. The action is fast paced and you must be quick to move your body in all directions to block the incoming ball. Choose from the levels of difficulty according to your experience.

10. Virtual Golf
Golfers love showing off their talent with this virtual system. With one swing of the foam covered club they send the "ball" via video screen to the distant putting green with acute accuracy. For those who need it, instruction is available. A variety of courses and driving ranges come programmed into the software making this the perfect choice for adult events.

11. Virtual Bicycle Racing
Sit, peddle & steer a real bicycle as you travel through a real time video experience of the European countryside, a Denver mountain scape, or even footage from the Tour de France! The scenic images and motion of your cycle look realistic and make your journey totally enjoyable. More than one bicycle can be linked for competition.

12. Virtual Hockey
Hockey players, novice or professional level, enjoy the opportunity to fine tune their strategy and co-ordination with the tools offered in this system. The virtual graphics and physics of the game play draw players into the very essence of ice hockey. This is a great choice for older kids and adults.

13. Virtual Horse Racing
Mimicking the motion of a galloping horse, the game presents the player with a whip and reins to control the animal. Animation on the screen shows the progress of the race from start to finish. Two players may compete for the crown at one time.

14. Virtual Motorcycle Racing
Motorcycle racing delivers the kind of excitement rarely experienced in real life. Sitting on the bike, the player uses the controls and his wits to beat out opponents on the course displayed on the video screen. The sensation of being in the virtual space, traveling at extreme speeds is very real due to the visual and audio effects featured in this system.

15. Graveball
Simulating a weightless environment set centuries into the future on a zero gravity space station, one or two players are beamed into the arena to compete in a ping pong like game. Bumping a gravity ball back and forth using their whole body as a paddle, they attempt to score on the opponent.

16. Laser Shot Simulator
Hunt ducks, shoot sporting clays or compete in target practice against an opponent with riffles or pistols. With over 15 different games to choose from, players will test their marksmanship amid realistic animations of natural scenes or boldly designed graphic targets.

17. Immersitron
Immerse your self in one of the sports offered in this package deal. Players are surrounded with an engrossing total environment in which they may test their skills against the computer opponent which is automatically matched to participants by choosing various levels.

18. Wii Sports - Football, Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf,Boxing
Choose your sport and get ready to work it out in front of our 42inch video screen. The computer reads your action and competes with you one on one - displaying all the virtual action as the game progresses. Scores are recorded and the winners and losers enjoy themselves no matter the outcome.

19. Wii Video Game Wall
We'll set up a whole game wall of different Wii games for larger events. With many to choose from, you can offer games suitable for all ages and tastes. A very popular choice in recent months, we have a great selection of all the latest games available.

20. Plasma Wall
We can bring in as many plasma video screens as your event may require. Whether used for virtual sports games or music video display, the various sizes of screens and set up design is customized to the needs of your event. Trusses are usually constructed on site to support the screens.

21. Video Screens on Truss Towers
Perfect for tradeshows, training seminars, weddings or bar/bat mitzvahs, our 42"plasma screen monitors are great for showing product videos, photo montages or licensed music videos. Supported by 8' high polished aluminum trussing, the overall look is high tech and professional.

22. Guitar Hero III
Realize a true rock concert experience as you face off against guitar legends featuring 70 of the biggest and loudest songs ever recorded. The animated venues, lighting effects, authentic instrument and character moves, make this arcade game a favorite of rockn' rollers. Go head to head in guitar battle with friends or choose the co-op mode to make sweet music together.

23. Rock Band
Form your own rock band, choose your tunes and dive into Rock Band's challenging and addicting game modes. Two 42" screens are set up - one for the crowd and one for the players to watch themselves performing in a rock concert setting. This is limited to three players per game, but there is time for up to 30 players to take the stage per hour.

24. Dance Dance Revolution
Dancing on electronic pads, you've got to keep up with the rhythm of the music and sequence of steps. Your image is displayed in colorful graphics on the plasma screen in front, and every move is scored. Multiple units can be set up together so that friends can compete. Dance Dance Revolution adds an electric party vibe to any event.

25. Recording booth
This sound proof booth features all the technical equipment needed to record a real CD. Singing along to a favorite song's musical track, your guests can stylize their own vocal interpretation. Quality headphones, microphones and sound level engineer all contribute the surprisingly professional recording. An extensive song list and customized CD case are part of the package.

26. Music Videos
You and your guests can star in your own music video. We provide the costumes and prop guitars or keyboard and then shoot you singing your favorite song in front of a green screen. The system then super-imposes the performance onto a concert like background enhanced with special effects and lighting. The host receives a master DVD of everyone's performance.

27. Dancing Heads
Displayed for everyone's amusement on a giant plasma screen, guests take their turn performing and recording their hilarious routines. Dancing Heads (also known as Funky Heads) is a new technology that combines music, comical animation, lip synching and green screen technology to produce a take home DVD that leaves viewers in stitches. Participants sit behind the one of a kind Funky Head Recording Booth, pick a favorite song and then jam away as their heads become magically superimposed onto professional dancing bodies.

28. Karaoke Revolution
Perfect for high energy parties, this bundle includes 50 all new licensed master tracks including the latest hits and classic favorites. Choose from multiple venues with elaborate themes and special effects and take your place on the Wii - to stage an animated performance which will bring down the house. Multiple players can join in to make it a night to remember.

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Boston virtual reality rentals

When it comes to creating fun-filled fantasy for your party guests, Urban Circus Events offers an exciting mix of Boston virtual reality rentals for an unforgettable party experience.

Our top quality, Boston virtual reality rentals enable guests to become fully immersed in imaginary worlds of fast moving action and entertainment. For the team sports enthusiast, Boston virtual reality rentals feature challenging contests in baseball, basketball, hockey, bicycle racing, volleyball, soccer and golf. Your dedicated athlete will enjoy virtual reality entertainment sports simulators where they can hit baseballs, shoot basketballs, serve volleyballs, block soccer shots, and slice away at golf balls or hockey pucks within truly compelling environments.

For the extreme sports fan, our Boston event planners offers Boston virtual reality rentals which feature board simulators for an incredible charge of snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing for the best in non-stop, thrill seeking pleasure. Guests will be able to indulge in MA virtual reality equipment rentals offering fantastic scenarios that give them the real feeling of speeding down snow-packed mountains, cresting towering waves or completing incredible skateboard stunts.

Motorsports fanatics will satisfy their taste for speed and daring with our Boston virtual reality rentals featuring Grand Prix auto racing, motorcycle racing, racing simulation, jet skiing and snow mobiles. Thanks to the MA party amusement equipment provided by Urban Circus Events, they'll find themselves behind the wheel and in complete control as they accelerate to new heights of energized play through virtual amusement rentals in the Boston area that include snow crested peaks, courses and waterways.

If music and dance are what moves you and your guests, our Boston area entertainment company has Boston virtual reality rentals for any taste or mood. Our Karaoke Revolution, for instance, will have your guests joyfully belting out lyrics to their favorite tunes thanks to our quality, industry leading virtual reality Boston machines. Meanwhile, Dance Dance Revolution, which is always a favorite with Boston virtual reality rentals, will have everyone up and dancing for the ultimate party time experience. Our party equipment rentals also help facilitate group interaction by enabling guests to create their own rock band or make their own music videos, complete with cheering and adoring fans at bar mitzvahs and high school proms and dances!

These are just some of the fantastic Boston virtual reality rentals offered by our Boston event planners that are terrific for any private or public event. Imagine the good times to be had at bridal showers, graduations or job promotions as guests make the most of their sports, music or dance passions through our Boston virtual reality rentals.

Businesses, too, can benefit from our many Boston virtual reality rentals. Store openings will witness a huge influx of new and loyal customers who will come to play these game rentals Boston and then stay to learn more about retail offerings. Product promotions will gain even more visibility and consumer interest when matched with opportunities to sample Boston virtual reality rentals.

So, for the best in Boston virtual reality rentals, visit us on the web at www.urbancircusevents.com or contact us to make your next bash a smash!