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Our lighting specialists are perfectionists when it comes to developing environments that completely transform productions into compelling, one-of-a-kind experiences. Using advanced technologies, they will create marvelous atmospheres for you and your guests to wallow in as you dance the night away or engage in the various activities of your themed event. Illuminated dance floors and full scale props are available to enhance the presentation of weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and private or corporate celebrations.

1.Big Screen Projection Set Ups
Choose from various sizes of giant projection screens to give your event an authentic disco or rock concert look. They may be set up on the stage area, indoors or out, to display licensed music videos, live video, or a montage of footage shot earlier. Slide shows of photographs may also be exhibited on the giant screens at private and corporate functions with our state of the art projection equipment which renders sharp, rich and colorful imagery.

2. Lighting Effects
Our creative lighting specialists transform your environment using a spectrum of amazing techniques which will dazzle your guests as they first enter the event. To achieve the desired ambiance, color scheme, texture and dynamics, they work closely with clients to design a custom-tailored look. Props such as chandeliers, Japanese lanterns and columns may be brought in enhance the décor at weddings, proms, corporate banquets or the at-home backyard tent party. Up lighting, wall wash, and table lighting are powered by batteries, eliminating the presence of wires and cutting way down on the generation of heat. Our designers commit their imagination and artistry to each event to render totally unique results.

3. Illuminated Dance Floors
Illuminated dance floors are worth the added effort - they make your event stand out from the rest. Composed of modular, acrylic inter-locking units, custom sizes and multi colored designs can be installed at your venue. The LED lit squares can change color in sync with the music as programmed by our technician to suit a client's particular requirements.

4. Backdrops
Our lighting designers construct formidable backdrops for the stage area at indoor and outdoor events. Using curtains, lighting effects and large scale props, they create exciting backdrops for the Disc Jockey/emcee, band, wedding party head table, etc…….at all kinds of events.

5. Disco Ball
The quintessential disco ball makes a great center piece at any dance party. Carefully hung over the dance floor and positioned to catch the multi-colored lighting effects, it inspires guests to get up and get down. Choose from several different sizes.

6. Confetti Cannons
If your event is a big scale celebration of a milestone that merits going all out, we will bring in the confetti cannons to rain down tons of colorful confetti and/or streamers. The crowd will go wild when "snow" begins to fall during you grand finale ceremony. Hundreds of balloons may be added to the mix for an overwhelmingly beautiful and emotional experience.

7. Custom Logo in Lights
Our designers can fabricate a custom logo, the guest of honor's name, monogram, or any symbolic imagery - in lights, as a backdrop to your stage or to adorn the entrance area of the event. Large scale pieces are made with neon tubing and mounted on a complimentary backdrop to create an impressive statement. Other mediums may be used as well to achieve the custom tailored design.

8. Fiber Optic Effects
Fiber optics is the latest trend in event lighting concepts. Twinkling star fields may be installed on ceilings, backdrops or floors to create a mystical ambiance for themed events. Dramatic fountain like fiber optic sculptures may be used as cutting edge décor for any high end, elegant affair. Colors can be programmed to change on cue to interact with music or to signal a change in phase of the event. The highly skilled fiber optic designers work with clients to achieve custom décor that simply dazzle all guests.

9. Neon Lit Trusses
Truss towers illuminated in neon tubing add amazing color and drama to any environment. The truss towers may be installed solely as decor or they may serve to support plasma screens and other lighting equipment. Our designers offer beautiful color schemes which will compliment the other elements of event décor.

10. Fog and Haze Machines
Fog and haze greatly enhance lighting design by causing the beams to stand out in 3-dimensional form. This creates an added layer of exciting visual effects and serves as a medium with which a choreographed light show becomes an element of entertainment. A dramatic and mysterious atmosphere can be achieved at themed events using the fog and haze machines. Dry ice is also used for certain applications.

11. Laser Show
High-tech lasers can be used to create amazing special effects at high school proms, weddings, grand openings, promotions or up scale events. The lighting specialists work with clients to conceive custom designs to make a powerful statement intended to "wow" your guests. Whether a presentation of high powered aerial beams to light up the night sky at an outdoor event or a colorful, synchronized show to spice up a dance party in a hotel ballroom, the laser medium produces the most dazzling effects available.

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Event Lighting Boston

Proper, expert lighting contributes much to the success of any event - from private parties to large scale festivals. For this reason, the choice for lighting should be event lighting Boston by Urban Circus Events.

Our lighting technicians are perfectionists when it comes to developing environments that completely transform productions into compelling, one-of-a-kind experiences. These professionals are true artists with premier reputations in their field. Their top level experience and talents enable them to create remarkable event lighting Boston for any occasion.

Event lighting Boston specialists employ the most advanced technology to produce a wide range of dramatic Boston lighting effects that will impress and amaze your guests throughout the entire event.

Their success can be traced to their commitment to work closely with clients. By paying close attention to customer wants and needs, our event lighting Boston experts always succeed in bringing about just the right touch of ambiance, color scheme, dynamics and texture to manifest an atmosphere that perfectly meets client expectations.

Some of our event lighting Boston techniques include utilizing decorative chandeliers, columns and towers, and even Japanese lanterns to enhance the romantic glow at proms, weddings, and anniversaries. Battery powered lighting is often utilized at events to eliminate unsightly wires and enhance intimacy.

Other event lighting Boston products include both proven and ground breaking props and equipment to further the dramatic possibilities offered by lighting artistry. For example, our illuminated dance floors come complete with brightly lit squares that change color in sync with the music for the ultimate dancing experience. And let's not forget the quintessential disco ball which makes a fantastic, much beloved center piece at any dance party.

On-stage formidable backdrops at both indoor and outdoor events, yet another event lighting Boston option, dramatically enhance the mood and excitement of any larger scale presentation such as weddings, corporate gatherings, or even street festivals and block parties. Our neon lit trusses, tall towers of neon tubing, ideally complement lighting stage design with captivating color and eye catching appeal.

Event lighting Boston also offers the latest in special lighting effects, such as fiber optics. This technology affords truly spectacular lighting installations such as twinkling star fields on ceilings or floors, as well as fiber optic sculptures and fountains which add elegance and style to any event. Custom logo lights featuring corporate sponsors or the guest of honor's name inspire a handsome, custom appearance to any occasion, from graduations to store openings or class reunions.

You can also make the most of your lighting plans with our stunning Laser Show. This event lighting Boston offering makes a powerful statement by treating guests to a truly imaginative, awe inspiring light show. Whether you are seeking to light up the night sky at outdoor presentations or implement a dazzling synchronized show for the best in dance entertainment, our laser show provides just the right effect of fun and excitement for guests.

No matter what your event, Urban Circus Events has the event lighting Boston for an unforgettable experience. To learn more, please contact us.