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Theme Parties offer a heightened level of fun and excitement for everyone involved. The opportunity to dress in costume and immerse oneself in a fantasy world offers an extra-ordinary party experience that people love. Let one of our event planner put together a customized themed event for your private or corporate occasion. We offer all of the usual choices and provide top notch entertainers, decorators, and caterers to facilitate an amazing presentation.

1. Murder Mystery
Who would suspect that solving a mysterious crime could be such a thrill? That's just what you and your guests will get from our murder mystery diner theatre party. Staged at your venue, our marvelous players inter mingle with your diner guests and draw them into the plot as principal characters. Clues and evidence lead to an arrest of the killer as one of your brilliant guests solves the case and wins the prize.

2. Roaring Twenties
A roaring twenties theme makes an ideal choice for a glamorous costume party featuring music, dancing, and the opportunity for your guests to get into character as flappers and gangsters. We provide a live band or DJ to play music of the era, top shelf catering, period décor, professional lindy hop dancers to get things going on the dance floor, and any number of costumed actors to enhance the theme of the party playing roles as cigarette girls or Al Capone and his gang.

3. Cinco di Mayo
With our authentic Mariachi band as the center piece, we will put together all the elements of a Cinco di Mayo celebration at your venue. Brightly colored décor, spicy Mexican cuisine served by costumed waiters and waitresses, dancing and party games round out the facets of the scintillating event.

4. Hawaiian Luau
Live drums, authentic hula dancers, burning torches and, of course, the succulent pig roasting on the spit make up the principal features of the Hawaiian Luau. Provide us with a venue - your back yard, a beach or lawn at corporate headquarters and we will produce an unforgettable evening as we bring in the best of the best to prepare your feast, serve and entertain your guests.

5. 70's Disco Party
With our DJ playing all the fabulous dance songs of the 70's, your mini-skirted, bell bottomed crowd can get themselves up on the illuminated dance floor and do the line hustle all night long. We'll hang the disco ball, call in the special lighting effects guys, bartenders and cage dancers to make sure every detail of your disco party epitomizes the theme.

6. Victorian Christmas
This is an elegant concept for an up scale private or corporate Christmas party. Invite your guests to come in Victorian formal attire and we will do the rest. From period decoration to fine cuisine to live classical music, we will provide all the fixings for a memorable, multifaceted occasion. Our costumed actors will enhance the event playing roles as Father Christmas, Scrooge, Elves, or a jolly Snowman. Our party planners will put together as simple or complex presentation as you may desire.

7. Fourth of July Picnic
If you have browsed our company picnic page, you have seen the multitude of games, equipment and entertainment available for the ultimate picnic experience. Drawing upon all the same elements, we can transform your picnic into a Fourth of July celebration using a red, white and blue decorative color scheme for everything. Our stilt walkers, puppeteer, jugglers and staff will all be attired in theme appropriate costuming. A traditional menu of hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and blue berry pie may be provided by one of our excellent caterers. Fireworks may even be brought in for the larger budget events.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean
Throw a bawdy bash for your adult friends with our Pirates of the Caribbean theme. This is a chance for both men and women to get dressed up in pirate attire and behave in a swarthy manner. We'll provide music, food, scenery, and actors playing roles as notorious pirates - to affect a genuine tavern like atmosphere.

9. Princess Party
Ideal birthday party entertainment for 3 through 10 year olds, our princess party offers an enchanting make believe experience. Our beautiful actresses portray the fairytale characters while leading in singing, dancing, party games, face painting and balloon art. Girls and boys love dressing in costumes and play acting their roles as princesses, fairies, knights and pirates. Tea party set ups are available as well. Visit www.bostonprincessparties.com to learn more.

10. Fortune Telling Party
Looking and acting the part to perfection, our professional fortune teller reads futures in the crystal ball, tarot cards, palms, spirit board, and pendulums revealing surprisingly relevant insights into your guests' private lives. We can build an entire party around her which includes draping fabrics as décor, sound and lighting effects, and the appearance of ghosts. Whether you prefer to keep it simple or stage a melodramatic scene out of a Hollywood movie, we can help put it together.

11. Arabian Nights
Picture the interior of tent erected in your own backyard, the ground completely covered with oriental carpets, your guests lounging about on huge, brilliantly colored silk cushions and feasting on delicious ethnic food brought in and served by beautiful maidens. The music begins and in comes a bevy of stunning belly dancers, mesmerizing the audience with their undulating bodies and sweeping chiffon. Later, your guests get up to dance the night away to the rhythmical traditional Arabian music or the latest and best Middle Eastern disco beat.

12. Space Battle
This might not be just for the kids. Any age aficionado will be overwhelmed by the appearance of their favorite characters, especially their anti hero who will engage in lite-saber battle with the guest of honor. Themed games are part of the programs offered for kids' parties as well as themed prizes, photo session and so much more.

13. Yellow Brick Road
Our costumed characters make this theme choice possible. Dorothy and her friends come in with a program of music, games, art & crafts, face painting, balloon art, and posing for photos with each and every guest. Provide your own food and drink or have our caterer put out a theme inspired spread of items the kids and the adults will love. Our decorators will install a faux yellow brick road, and other relevant props for the higher budget parties or events.

14. Mad Hadder Tea Party
Use the "Mad Hadder" theme to throw the ultimate costume party. Invite your guests to come in their own bizarre creations and offer a grand prize for the best one. Our decorator will adorn your place with props inspired by Alice in Wonderland, or conjure up a more psychedelic environment - if that's the direction you want to go in. Our caterers will put on a delectable high tea offering food and drink expressive of the theme in all regards. This is a fantastic theme for kids or adults, or a mixture of the two.

15. Spa Party
This girls' party is an ideal theme for any age group over 10. Our professional cosmetologists come to your location and pamper your guests with facials, manicures and pedicures, make up and hair styling. We offer party decoration, robes, and beautiful baskets filled with all sorts of high quality lotions, shampoos, nail polishes, decorative hair clips and more. If you wish to serve food, our caterer will prepare a luncheon or tea party according to your specification.

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*If you have an original theme in mind, please discuss your needs with our party planners. Our resources are so numerous that we are able to provide just about any type of costumed entertainers, décor, and music style you desire.

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Theme party Boston

How about something completely fresh and different for your next party? Boston Party Amusements has just what you're looking for with our fabulous theme parties that are sure to make your next occasion a theme party Boston hit!

Our intricately planned theme party Boston is only limited by your imagination. Everything about your theme party - from food to entertainers to music - is highly detailed and scripted to meet your exact specifications for your theme party choice.

Consider some of the most popular themes presented by Boston Party Amusements. Our Murder Mystery theme party features a complete cast of supporting players. Always in character, these talented actors succeed in generating fun filled tension and suspense as your guests try to figure out "who done it" at this intriguing theme party Boston.

Take a trip back in time with our exciting "Roaring Twenties" theme party Boston complete with period costumes including sharply dressed gangsters and flappers that create an exciting speakeasy environment for some bootlegging fun!

Meanwhile, taking a step back further in time, you can relive the serenity and homespun joy of a Victorian Christmas for your Boston area theme party. This theme party Boston comes complete with decorations, costumes and delicious historical treats of this bygone era that are sure to please and enchant your guests. Our Medieval Banquet brings back the raucous merriment of this mythical era with food, music and guests and entertainers who take on the ribald, uproarious personalities of knights, kings and queens, jesters and wenches for this highly popular theme party Massachusetts..

For a journey into more recent nostalgia, how about taking to the dance floor for your 70s Disco Party. This theme party Boston features all of the favorites of that magical era including the booty shakin' costumes, funky music and good times that will have your guests stepping out to your own disco beats!

Movie fans can make the most of their cinematic experiences with our theme party Boston featuring classics of the silver screen. Among our most requested theme parties Boston, your guests will be able to travel to the long ago universe of "Star Wars". Whether they favor the dashing Han Solo or the evil majesty of Darth Vader, your guests will have a blast with plenty of food, props, costumes and music that pays tribute to this science fiction classic.

How about a trip down the Yellow Brick Road with our "Wizard of Oz" theme party Boston? Your guests will delight to the beloved antics of the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow for an event that will be a magical journey to everyone's favorite place over the rainbow. You and your guests will become fully immersed in swashbuckling action with our "Pirates of the Carribbean" theme party Boston. This special occasion features plenty of high seas adventure complete with pirate costumes and food, music and entertainment to inspire any would-be buccaneer.

Other Boston Party Amusements' theme party Boston also create fantastic holiday celebrations such our Fourth of July picnic featuring tantalizing picnic foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream, as well as a hearty welcome from Uncle Sam himself! Our Cinco de Mayo theme party Boston offers the best of Mexican food, drink and entertainment, including strolling Mariachi musicians, for a south of the border celebration.

Parties can include childhood or generational themes, too. Consider our princess parties, mad hatter tea party, beach party, hippie festival and other creative themes that are sure to entertain and thrill guests for their theme party supplies Massachusetts. Each theme party Boston can be specially designed as fundraising events and public and private occasions such as job promotions, graduations, anniversaries and class reunions. Your invitees will thoroughly enjoy these opportunities to pretend and play and will applaud your event planning skills for years to come!

No matter what your theme or activity, Boston Party Amusements is available to make your next theme party Boston an event that will long be remembered - and cherished - by everyone. To learn more, please contact us at www.urbancircusevents.com or call and make your next festive occasion one to remember!