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Capture those picture perfect moments of your guests having the time of their lives at your party or event with our photo booth rentals and novelty items. Digital imaging offers instant souvenirs of the occasion which will bring back memories of all the fun for years to come.

Photo Booths

1. Classic Photo Booth
Choose this old classic to capture the smiles, laughter and funny faces at events for all ages. Each shoot includes 2 strips of 4 photos in black and white or color. Your pictures are printed in seconds, but remain keepsakes forever.

2. Photo Sketch Booth
Ideal for the more cultured party animals, our sketch booth renders priceless 8 ½ x 11 portraits by taking a shot and converting it into a Van Gogh masterpiece ready for framing. There are several choices of artists and styles to choose from.

3. Photo Sticker Booth
With many choices in format and background, this booth produces 16 stickers as souvenirs for kids or name tags for adults at conventions or corporate parties. Theme stickers are available from fairytales to sports.

4. Collapsible Photo Booth
This booth offers all the photo features of the classic. It is very portable and fits easily into smaller venues. The open structure allows on-lookers to join the fun as subjects ham it up for the camera.

5. Hair Styling Booth
This booth is everyone's favorite. Choose 4 styles from 32 high fashion hairdo's and in seconds the new "you" is ready. Change hair color, length and cut or go wild with curls or spikes. Those who have wondered, "What would I look like as a punk rocker?" - love getting a quick answer from this machine.

Photo Fun & Novelties

1. Antique Photos
You and your notorious gang will have your pictures plastered on wanted poster from here to California. Dress up in our period costumes, hats, wigs and props. We snap your photo and produce the monochromatic tinted poster on the spot.

2. Photo Fantasy
Our photographer snaps your shot and then places it with the help of digital technology into the fantasy scene of your choice. It could be behind the wheel of a Ferrari, boarding your private jet, rubbing elbows with celebs or sprawled out on a Caribbean beach. There's a lot to choose from including sport cards, Zodiac posters and a world of exotic locations.

3. Photo Puzzles
Take home a personalized puzzle to make over and over again - keeping memories of that special event alive. We simply take a picture and then our mini puzzle factory goes to work and turns out a real 100 piece puzzle depicting you and friends doing your thing.

4. 3-D Photos
You alone or you with friends in three dimensions make a great souvenir of any event. Just strike a couple of poses for our photographer and he will convert it into a moving 3-D image mounted on a solid surface to keep forever.

5. Bobble Heads
Everyone loves a Bobble Head Doll. Choose your persona, pose for your head shot and our photographer will place your big head on the body of a baseball player, cheerleader, cop or ballerina. Prom king and queen are available from among the 20 different characters offered.

6. Costume Shots
Similar in concept to fantasy photo, we take your picture and then super-impose it onto your choice of exciting places. In this case, we dress you up in fun costumes and props to enhance and embellish the image.

7. Photo Cereal, Candy or Cracker Jack Boxes
We can get your picture on the boxes just like the Olympic athletes and other famous figures. Inside you will find real cereal, cracker jacks and candy. This tasty party favor is good for the ego. Just pose and we'll super-impose your image on your choice of branded products.

8. Andy Warhol Cool Pix
With this technique, we take your photo in front of a green screen. Strike a cool pose and the computer and printer do the rest. Your Warhol artwork is ready immediately. Framed up, it looks fantastic on the walls at home.

9. Photo Magazine Cover
You've made the cover of Time, Rolling Stones, Vogue or Sports Illustrated. Pose solo or with up to five others and we'll have your issue ready to hit the stands in no time. High resolution backgrounds and customized text can be incorporated into cover design.

10. Photo License Plates
This is the ultimate "vanity" plate. Make up your own logo, slogan, custom letter/number registration ID and along with your picture we'll produce a plate worth keeping.

11. Photo Movie Posters
Posters make great wall decoration, especially when your own image can be photo shopped into the graphic design. With this photo technology we can make you the star. Classic movie themes, Star Wars or Austin Powers are just a few of the options available.

12. Photo Mugs
Long lasting party souvenirs, our photo mugs are decorated with pictures of you and friends which inspire happy memories of that special occasion. Company names and logos can be added as well and these useful novelties can serve to promote your business.

13. Photo Snow Globes
Our photographer can snap a shot of you or any item, and imbed the image into the snow globe in short order. These objects appeal to people of all ages. Holiday themes can be incorporated into the image and this makes a fantastic party favor at Christmas parties.

14. Holiday Theme Cut Outs
Holiday theme cut outs make a fun and easy way to get yourself imaged as Santa, Mrs. Claus, a Snowman, or an elf. Just stand up behind the cut out, stick your face into the hole of your choice. Use the photo for X-mas cards and other themed items.

15. Stand-in Photos
Funny and ironic, the photos taken as guests stand in behind cut outs add an element of laughter to any event. Photographers can process up to 40 people in one hour. Ask about our different cut outs for your theme parties.

16. A List Photos
To achieve an authentic looking movie star red carpet shot, we set up a backdrop. Our photographer coaxes his subjects to give energy to the camera, so the end results are usually pretty glamorous. Photos are printed out on high quality photo paper in 8 ½ x 10 format.

17. Photo Shoppe
Our photographer takes your photo and transfixes it on to an item chosen from the following party favors: key chains, funny frames, dog tags, sport cards, compact mirrors, photo clips, crystals, snow globes, refrigerator magnets, luggage tags, telescopes, postcards, sports, wallet boxes, pennants, etc……

18. Green Screen Sports Theme Photos
The green screen is an integral part of the various photo fantasy programs. We photograph you posing in front of it and then are able to place you in a variety scenes related to sports and fantasy locations around the world. The finished photos look absolutely real and they are a thrill to keep in scrapbooks or on the wall at home.

19. Giant Chair Photos
Get an adorable picture taken of yourself alone or with a bunch or friends sitting in the giant chair. We have different props on hand to add to the cuteness of the shot, such as a great big baby bottle, over-sized crayon, big than life baseball bat and more.

20. Fuzzy Frames
We supply all sorts of novelty frames for the photos taken during events, such, fuzzy frames, animal prints, puff frames and more. They come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Your photos are framed up by our photographer's assistant on the spot and ready to take home.

21. Photo CD's
Pose as you would for your own album cover in front of the green screen. We'll place your image on a CD cover in full color and cool graphic designs. Use it to store your own CD recordings cut right at the event in one of our recording booths.

22. Virtual Makeover
This program offers the opportunity to check yourself out in a variety of different looks. Hair style and color, make up and outfit can all be altered in the 9 photos produced in your virtual makeover.

23. Photo Bumper Stickers
Customized weather proof bumper stickers with your photo and logo are ready in minutes and can go on cars, lockers, or notebooks. They can be made prior to the event or on the spot.

24. Red Carpet Photo Op
We'll roll out the red carpet and set up a backdrop and other props to create an authentic looking Hollywood award scene in which you can pose for you digital photo. If the occasion calls for formal dress or glamorous attire, take the opportunity to enjoy your 15 minutes of fame in the spot light. This is great for proms.

25. Photo T-Shirt
With the help of photo shop and the latest T-shirt art technology, we can produce a printed T-shirt for guests that display their personalized fantasy photos taken during the event. Sports, holiday and many other theme choices can be incorporated into the design.

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Photo Booth Rentals Boston

Your guests will love having a picture perfect memory of your next party thanks photo booth rentals Boston provided by Urban Circus Events. We offer incredible diversity for those who love to capture their likeness in the camera lens. For traditionalists, our classic photo booth rental Boston generates plenty of good times, beaming smiles and hilarious facial expressions on film for your fun loving guests.

Those seeking a delightful twist on picture taking will be thrilled with our photo sketch booth and photo sticker booth which are favorites among our photo booth rentals Boston. Our photo sketch booth renders full size sketches, in a variety of artists' styles, ready for framing as a greatly appreciated keepsake. Meanwhile, each guest will cherish their sixteen photo stickers, available in many formats and backgrounds, produced by our photo sticker booth for the best in photo booth rentals MA.

Photo Booth Rental Boston for Any Venue

Variations on these high quality photo booth rentals Boston include our collapsible photo booth, which is great for venues with limited space, and the always hilarious photo hair styling booth. If you've ever wanted to picture yourself in a new hair do, our photo hair styling booth gives you a sneak peek of the new you!

These photo booth rentals Boston, presented by Urban Circus Events, offer only the best photographic quality in either color or black and white. These photo novelties Boston help create a whole new dimension for your event that will long be remembered by your guests as they marvel at the top quality of our photo booth rentals MA.

All of our photo booth rentals Boston are great for private and public celebrations. Guests will be forever grateful when our photo fun Boston area photo booth rental enables them to take home visual remembrances of your birthday party, anniversary, bridal shower, bar or bat mitzvah, graduations or job promotions. Their photos will be a personal prize they can share with friends and every member of their family thanks to photo booth rentals Boston.

Corporate functions are given a tremendous boost through our photo booth rentals Boston. Business people, in particular, will marvel at how our Boston photo booth rental draws in regular customers, as well as new clients, to store openings, product promotions, or special sales opportunities. Visitors readily associate their photo souvenirs from our photo equipment rentals at business-sponsored events with positive, good feelings.

Non-profits also realize tremendous value with our photo booth rentals Boston. Whether it is party photos or antique photos, members of the public who attend street festivals, block parties, county fairs and similar events often return the good will generated by our photo booth rentals Boston with support for specific causes or campaigns.

Boston Photo Booth Rental Made Easy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You'll say that our photo booth rentals Boston represent a great way to promote or further your association or just to have a tremendous amount of fun! To learn more, contact www.urbancircusevents.com or Call us.