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Host a real game show at your company party, college event or private occasion for friends and family. We provide the equipment and a host for all the most popular shows enjoyed on television over the past 50 years. Your guests will be thrilled by the exciting entertainment provided as they participate both as contestants and audience members.

Our knowledgeable staff sets up the electronically operated boards, big screen monitors, podiums, lock out buzzers and other full scale props, creating the game show stage and audience area in your home, rented party room or where ever the event takes place. Our charming hosts conduct the games like pros, keeping the proceedings moving along at a smooth pace while generating excitement and lots of laughs.

Prizes are usually awarded to the winners and can range from modest trinkets to Caribbean trips or Cash, (furnished by our clients, of course.)

1. Wheel
This classic game appeals to everyone. Contestants spin the wheel and accumulate points for choosing consonants that appear in the hidden phrase. The first person to solve the word puzzle, wins the prize. We also offer a variation on this theme which incorporates trivia questions and physical stunts for a bawdier game show experience. Prizes may be provided by clients, or chosen from among our standard offerings.

2. Game Show Maniac
Fashioned after 'Millionaire," this battle of trivia knowledge can be customized for any group. Create your own questions and scoring values to personalize the presentation of the contest between colleagues, friends or family. One player may sit on the hot seat at a time or up to 16 positions can be added for a fierce and funny interaction. Monitors, podiums, lighting and sound effects are coordinated by our production team to create an authentic game show environment.

3. Challenger
Challenge your colleagues by choosing or creating categories specific to the company enterprise. This heightens the competitive spirit and makes this Jeopardy like game meaningful entertainment at the company party or team building session. Same goes for those friends and family events in which "loaded" questions can inspire comical behavior for the amusement of everyone. The electronic board, digital scoring podiums and dynamic host make this game a winner at special events of all kinds.

4. Feud
This 2 team, 10 contestant trivia game is conducted by our charismatic host who asks a series of questions which have already been answered by a survey group. Staged with a giant projection screen, podiums, lock out buzzers and lighting effects, the teams battle to out smart each other by guessing what the most popular answers of the survey group are. Tension and excitement build as contestants must be quick on the fly to hit the buzzer and quick witted to come up with responses in the few seconds allotted.

5. Newly Weds
This is an ideal game show choice for private parties comprised of friends who know each other well enough to find the often embarrassing details of their spousal relationships funny. A simple format and set up, the host presents questions to spouses about their significant others who are secluded in a sound proof room. They return to the set to guess what has been said about them which is either on the money or an infuriating surprise. This edgy game provides lots of laughter and drama.

6. Pop Culture
Based on the VH1 World Series of Pop Culture tournament, this TV, movie, and music trivia game is exciting entertainment for both the players and audience members. Several teams compete at once, selecting one player to come forward as the category for the six-question round is announced. Video clips are shown on the big screen and the first player to buzz in and answer correctly knocks out players on the opposing teams. The team with the best of 5 rounds moves along in the tournament. Cash and or prizes are awarded to the winners.

7. I Dare YA Game Show
Answer the trivia question correctly or the player on the other team will dare you to a sloppy challenge which involves filling buckets with green slime, slipping and sliding your way through an obstacle course or catching pies in your over-sized clown pants. This hilarious competition is designed for those special people who actually enjoy getting down and dirty.

8. Beat the Clock
This game show is the epitome of physical comedy with your guests providing all of the amusement. Three couples are chosen from the audience to compete in 3 rounds of outrageous and sometimes very messy stunts. The couple to complete their challenge within the varying time limits, "beat the clock" and go on to the bonus round. Sixty seconds in the Cash Cube is usually the grand prize, but we can customize stunts and prizes to suite our client's specification.

9. Price
"Come on down" is the most well know phrase in the history of TV game shows. Staged and played just like the real thing, your guests will enjoy this presentation which includes electronic scoring podiums, pricing games, showdown wheel, showcase and a terrific host to conduct the proceedings. Prizes can be as simple or extravagant our client deems fit.

10. Game Show Mania
Select one of four formats derived from Jeopardy, Wheel, Feud or Millionaire to stage a game show event your guests will love watching and participating in as players. Electronic scoring podiums, boards, lock out buzzers, lighting effects and dynamic hosts make this choice memorable party entertainment and a fantasy come true for game winners.

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Game show rental Boston

Bring the fun and excitement of a TV game show to your next party with game show rental Boston from Urban Circus Events.

Imagine the laughter and cheers brought about by the good natured competition of game show rental Boston which feels like the real thing right in your living room or any other party venue.

Urban Circus Events offers the complete, wonderful package for your game show rental Boston theme party. We provide the props, stage, big screen monitors, prizes and even the always familiar lock out buzzers. We even supply the charismatic and hilarious host to keep the pace fast and fascinating for both contestants and the audience who participate in Boston game show rentals.

Urban Circus Events' selections consist of all the best in game shows that have spanned the decades. For instance, guests will take delight in our Wheel show which enables contestants to spin the wheel, choosing letters or vowels that solve our challenging word puzzles in this version of game show rental Massachusetts. Our game show rental Boston also offers variations on this theme featuring trivia questions and, for an especially comical experience, physical stunts that will bring a smile to your participants' faces.

Everyone loves testing their trivia facts and our game show rental Boston offers some of the best opportunities for guests to show their stuff. Choose or create categories that feature some the choicest "little known facts" for our Jeopardy game show. Both contestants and the audience will get their competitive spirit going as they attempt to win points answering questions to these brain-teasers in our Boston area game show rentals.

Similarly, you can pit your contestants in an exciting contest of trivia knowledge with Game Show Maniac, our game show rental Boston based on the famous "Millionaire" show. Friends, family or colleagues will enjoy testing their intelligence for all of those wonderful cultural clues in this competition that comes fully equipped with monitors, lighting, sound effects and podiums for that authentic game show atmosphere!

Price-savvy players will delight to "The Price is Right," our Boston game show rental where being price conscious pays off big. Just like the TV version, our production features everything from the showdown wheel to showcase and pricing games themselves.

For real competition with fantastically unexpected twists, our "I Dare Ya" game show rental Boston has players daring each other with sloppy challenges. Either answer the trivia questions correctly or get ready to face off against buckets of green slime, slippery obstacle courses or catching pies in larger than life clown pants - the screams of laughter and surprise are a treat for contestants and audience members alike!

You can heighten the fun even more with our team-based game show experiences. Urban Circus Events' "Feud" features a battle of the trivia contestants featuring two 10 member teams. This game show rental Boston features plenty of smiles and belly laughs as team members scramble to guess and reach agreement on answers provided by group surveys. Presented with podiums, lock out buzzers, lighting effects and a giant project screen, this game show feels like the real thing!

Your guests will fully immerse themselves in a multi-media game experience with our Pop Culture Boston game show rental. Based on the VH1 World Series of Pop Culture tournament, this terrific, rapid fire team-oriented production with big screen video clips has contestants tackling questions based on TV, music and movie trivia.

Couples can get in on the game show act with our "Newly Weds" and "Beat the Clock" game show rental Boston presentations. Newly Weds will have couples roaring with laughter as they share the more "interesting" aspects of their lives together in the pursuit of points and prizes. Meanwhile, couples try their hand at teamwork as they engage in colorful, quick action stunts in this always compelling game show rental Boston.

Finally, for a touch of variety, Urban Circus Events' "Game Show Mania" allows contestants to choose from our Jeopardy, Wheel, Feud or Millionaire offerings for an even greater selection of Boston game show rentals. Whatever your fancy, game show rental Boston is a welcome change of pace for any party. It also adds spice and interest to other private functions such as anniversaries, graduations and job promotions. Non-profits and businesses looking to boost interest in products or causes will find game shows especially appealing for potential donors and clients.

No matter what your activity or event, Urban Circus Events is available to help make your game show rental Boston an attractive- and long cherished - event by everyone. To learn more, please review our offerings here at www.urbancircusevents.com or call us.