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Our fun food rental equipment provides a variety of food and beverages ideal for themed occasions:

Sporting Events + Carnivals + Company Picnics + Holiday Celebrations Children's Parties + Community Fairs + Fund Raisers + Marathons + Promotions

The food and beverage machines are maintained with a high standard of cleanliness and our knowledgeable staff handles the products with the utmost care from transport to preparation to serving.

Our colorful carts and other equipment enhance the theme of any event not only on a visual level, but they provide almost all the iconic food and drinks items anticipated at any given occasion.

1. Fun Food Cart
Stocked up to the hilt with a cornucopia of delicious snacks, our colorful food cart is manned by a friendly vendor who will hand out items to the hungry folks at your event. Clients may pick and choose what will be served from our menu of products. Chips, candy, soda, and juices are the standard fare, but specialty goods can be added.

2. Popcorn Machine
Freshly popped popcorn permeates the environment with its mouth watering smell enticing kids and adults to line up for their bag full. This healthy, easy to make and serve snack is a great choice for any type of event, especially out door venues with large crowds.

3. Cotton Candy Machine
Kids love cotton candy. Made from spun sugar and a touch of food coloring, this sweet treat is served wrapped around a paper cone. Each serving is only about 100 calories and although it looks like a lot to eat, the cotton candy is mostly air. It quickly melts in the mouth and is gone before you know it.

4. Pretzel Machine
Fresh, warm, salt covered pretzels are the perfect snack to nibble on while wandering about the fair or carnival grounds. They go well with mustard condiment or are delicious plain. One pretzel can satisfy any hunger pain for a couple of hours, and make a great alternative to sugary snacks like candy and soda.

5. Nacho Machine
A basket of warm, crispy nacho chips covered with melted cheese makes a simple, yet satisfying snack at any occasion. Easy to handle, our attendant can manage this stand while tending to other food machines. This is an economical way to feed the crowds at larger events.

6. Hot Dog Cart
Hot dogs are the most popular choice at kid's events. We use only good quality frankfurter and fresh buns, relish, mustard and ketchup and our attendants handle the food properly from transport to service. They are a simple and neat way to feed large numbers of kids and adults indoors or out. Veggie or turkey hot dogs are an option as well.

7. Ice Cream Truck
Step right up to the window and order your ice cream sandwich, chocolate covered vanilla bar, popsicle, or cone. There are plenty of other snacks to choose from like chips, cookies, brownies, soda, juices and so on…... Friendly vendors and good quality products are standard on our colorful ice cream trucks.

8. Slush Cart
The slush puppie is an ideal treat for kids on a hot summer day. Made from fruit flavor syrup and water which get frozen to the point of becoming slush, these colorful drinks provide refreshment which satisfies a kid's desire for a sweet beverage.

9. Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cones are made from shaved ice and fruit flavored syrup. These brightly colored treats are served in a white paper cone. Just like the slush puppie, they cool kids down while they provide a sweet and refreshing boost.

10. Candy Wall
The candy wall is a main attraction at any type of event. Set ups offer ten different candy choices - all well known brands such as m&m's, candy corns, Gummie Bears and more….. Kids get a small bag to fill with a variety of their favorite treats and take home as a party favor. Custom labels for bags are available.

11. Pucker Powder
Kids get to fill their own pixie stick (a foot long clear tube) with a variety of sweet and tangy granulated flavors. Sour apple, lemon-lime, root beer, and fruit punch are four of the twelve choices. Novelty caps seal off each end. An attendant supervises and helps the kids create this colorful and fun treat.

12. Mocktails
Delicious mocktails garnished with umbrellas, artistically cut fruits, straws and even real flowers may be served to any age guest at your event. Of course, no alcohol is used in any one of our fabulous recipes which can be customized according to the host's specifications. Special mocktail glasses are also provided, and guests can take them home as party souvenirs.

13. Frozen Beverage Machine
This machine dispenses frozen beverages with a similar consistency to slush puppies. The beverages, however, can be pure fruit juices, carbonated drinks, or special recipes made to order. They are very refreshing for summer events or help to cool off guests who have worked up a sweat playing or dancing at your party in any season.

14. Chocolate Fountain
Pure melted chocolate circulates through this multi tiered fountain into which guests may stick a skewered strawberry, marshmallow, or any other delectable tidbit for the ultimate fondu experience.

15. Hot Chocolate
A nice hot cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream or marshmallows is a perfect beverage to serve at any winter time theme party for kids or adults. For a skating party, football game or afternoon Christmas celebration - our attendant will mix up fresh high quality ingredients to make a fine pot of hot chocolate to warm body and soul.

16. Chocolate Photo Lollipops
Thanks to the ease and speed with which digital technology allows us to recreate images, we can superimpose any photo image on a delicious chocolate lollipop for parties, promotions or any special event where a novelty item such as this will make an impression.

17. Corn Dogs
The corn dog is a hot dog coated in corn bread batter and deep fried in hot oil and served on a wooden stick. Mustard goes well with this easy to eat snack. Using good quality, fresh ingredients, our attendants serve them right out of the fryer to the hunger massess at all kinds of events.

18. Sausage Station
This delicious sausage served up in a fresh roll is a meal in itself. Just load on the condiments and you and your guests will enjoy a taste treat that is nourishing and totally satisfying. We can serve large numbers of these items with relative speed and ease at large events.

19. Caramel Apples
This treat is perfect for fall events. Crisp, delicious tasting apples are thoroughly washed, mounted on a stick, dipped in melted caramel and then dredged in crushed walnuts. They're a bit sticky, but fun to eat.

20. Fried Dough
Fresh from the fryer, our fried dough get a light coating of powdered sugar and is ready to be devoured by the hungry people at your special occasion. Served with a napkin and a smile by one of our attendants, this comfort food is always a big hit.

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Fun Food Rentals Boston

No party is complete without offering a tasty variety of treats. For this reason, Urban Circus Events provides a wide variety of fun food rentals Boston and popcorn machine rental Boston that are sure to tempt the taste buds of any guest or event visitor. No matter what the occasion - private event, street carnival or backyard summer barbecue - our party equipment and fun food rentals Boston, including our Boston cotton candy machine rental, serve up a menu that is sure to satisfy everyone.

The fun food rentals Boston, presented by our Boston event planners, have the hearty, festive items to make a meal for your guests. How about delicious, deep fried corn dogs featuring golden batter and scrumptious hot dogs on a stick for invitees to enjoy? Our Sausage Station offering from food cart rentals Boston hits the spot with fulfilling, big bite sausage and condiments that make a meal in itself.

Similarly, our festively decorated Hot Dog Cart rental Boston delivers tantalizing frankfurters, complete with all the fixins', that will please the hungriest of appetites. Fresh from the fryer, our fried dough dusted with sweet sugar is sure to be devoured with plenty of smiles by fun food rentals Boston patrons.

Lighter menu items from fun food rentals Boston, courtesy of the Boston event planners of UCE, include our warm and moist salt covered pretzels, the perfect accompaniment for festival-goers considering their next arcade attraction. Meanwhile, our party food equipment rental MA nachos, covered in exquisitely rich melted cheese sauce, will eagerly be passed around by event visitors. The intoxicating aroma of freshly popped popcorn, another of our fun food rentals Boston, will have everyone at your next occasion eager for their own bag full.

Cotton Candy Machine Rental Boston for a Classic Carnival Treat

How about leaving some room for dessert? After all, there are plenty of sweets from which to choose for everyone. Our Boston food cart rentals Candy Wall, for example, offers up to ten different candy choices - everything from Gummi Bears to M & Ms to candy corn and more - for those who want variety and choice from their Boston fun food rentals. Kids, especially, love the incredibly colorful presentations of Pucker Power, in which they fill up their own pixie stick (a foot long, clear tube) with their choice of sweet and tangy granulated powders. Our Cotton Candy machine rental Boston spins countless strands of this wispy, melt in your mouth sugar treat for those eager to indulge in this carnival treat classic.

Attraction visitors looking to get their chocolate fix can also be accommodated by our fun food rentals Boston, presented by Urban circus Events. Our Chocolate Fountain will have guests crooning with delight as they coat skewered strawberries, marshmallows or any other delectable tidbit in a geyser of chocolate goodness from this special food cart rentals Boston area.

For cooler weather celebrations such as Christmas or ice skating parties, our hot chocolate machine enables guests to warm their hearts - and their bodies - with the perfect beverage to ward off the winter chill. Another seasonal choice - caramel apples - is offered by our fun food rentals Boston with its rich, melted caramel and crushed walnuts that are sure to create much beloved autumn memories.

Summer, too, is a high time for Boston food cart rentals. Our Slush Puppie machine offers the best of this combination of slush ice and fruit favor syrup to create a delightfully chilly drink for young and old alike and is always a popular selection among our MA fun food rentals. Our snow cones also feature this much beloved summer offering which provides a sweet and refreshing charge during hot weather activities. And those who "scream for ice cream" will cheer for joy when our authentic Ice Cream Truck, a real crowd pleaser among our Boston food cart rentals, comes around with a delivery of their favorite frozen novelty during your next event.

All of these fantastic fun food rentals Boston from Urban Circus Events help ensure that your guests will have the best of party time foods at your next event. To learn more, please contact us.