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Face and body painting has become a phenomenon in American culture since its initiation during the 60's hippie era. It has evolved into a medium that provides entertainment for children at birthday parties and special events and includes the fine art of airbrushing, the ancient Indian art of henna, and temporary tattoos for adults. Getting painted evokes a celebratory spirit and adds a layer of groove to any occasion.

Urban Circus Events brings you the Boston area's best artists in each of the specialties listed below. They are experienced professionals who work well with large numbers of kids in line for face painting at big events, and superb artists that can render complex imagery using airbrush technique on adults at celebrations or for photo sessions. Also included on our roster are make up artists capable of creating Hollywood quality special effects in the creation of any type of character.

Our artists use water-based hypo-allergenic cosmetic paints and other supplies that meet high standards of the FDA regulations.

1. Face Painting
At children's events, our face painters offer choice of characters usually derived from the animal kingdom, world of super heroes, clown face, or whimsical graphic designs. They can work quickly, completing simple compositions in a couple of minutes. Kids get a quick look in a mirror and show obvious delight when viewing their facades in colorful and fanciful disguise. Our face painters can adapt their concepts to suit almost any particular theme.

2. Body Painting
Using a direct painting technique, our artist can customize imagery to the specifications of the client. Whether rendering a simple design for several guests at parties or events, or creating a more developed artwork for a photo session, our superb artists will impress anyone with their drawing skills and imaginative compositions.

3. Airbrush Artist
With no limit to the possibilities, our artists can airbrush graphic, figurative or abstract artwork onto face and body in simple or complex designs for guests at all types of events. Working with children and adults, our air brush artists can customize their work to suit almost any theme. They typically use up to 10 air guns, blending and layering colors to create dramatic effects.

4. Airbrush Tattoo
Offering over 100 tattoo designs, our airbrush artists apply the artwork on faces, arms, or body using inks that last 5 to 7 days. The tattoo choices are exactly what you might find in a real tattoo parlor, and there is a cool selection to satisfy any taste and any age group. The process is achieved by free hand painting or by using stencils and is painless and totally safe.

5. Airbrush T-shirts
In minutes, our artists create customized images, names or symbols on your choice of colored T-Shirts. They can work within a particular style and color palette for themed events, or offer free style imagery based on the request of individual guests. The finished products dry quickly and are ready for wear at the event.

6. Transfer Tattoos
Transfer tattoos offer a quick and easy process for kids and adults at large events. Our vast selection of images suits all needs and themes. The tattoo consists of an ink image coated with a layer of glue which is placed on the face or body and moistened with water leaving the temporary tattoo in place for 2 or 3 days. The colorful and vivid tattoos look like the real thing. An attendant rather than an artist can apply the transfers making this an economical choice.

7. Henna Artist
This ancient tradition of painting delicate patterns on palms and feet was used for special occasions such as marriage ceremonies and religious festivals. Henna art has been adapted by Western culture and is done by our artists on clients for a variety of reasons. Using a paste made from ground henna leaves, all sorts of designs can be painted on all parts of the body using brushes or plastic cones. The "temporary tattoos" may last several days and up to one month, depending on the aftercare.

8. Special Effects Make-up Artist
Our special effects make up artist creates phenomenal characters and facades to suit the specific needs of our client. Whether a Halloween monster or Japanese Geisha, our professional artist achieves cutting edge results which have earned her a reputation as Boston's best.

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Face Painting Boston

When it comes to party entertainment, face painting Boston is always a much anticipated highlight of the festivities. For this reason, Urban Circus Events should come to mind when considering face painting Boston for your next event.

Boston area face painters have long been a popular at virtually any social occasion - from private parties to street festivals. Children, especially, will love how Urban Circus Events' face painting Boston artists bring to life this much beloved attraction.

Our skilled artists have earned considerable praise for their Boston area face painting expertise. Many have earned degrees from prestigious art schools. At the same time, these Massachusetts face painters have perfected their specialty in a practical sense at both public and private occasions. Face painting Boston artists are also highly regarded among their peers for their craftsmanship.

By welcoming face painting Boston artists, your guests will enjoy the finest practitioners of this party specialty. Imagine the delight of youngsters as they proudly display hand painted works of art on their faces, arms or other visible parts of their bodies. They especially excel in encouraging individuals - young and old alike - to choose a face painting design that truly excites and delights their subjects. With each studied, precise brush stroke, they generate smiles from everyone who chooses to indulge in their face painting passion.

These face painting Boston experts can provide guests with a diverse offering of well known and favorite designs which can be intricately painted on their faces - anything from animated characters to flowers, butterflies or animals. Our Boston face painters versatility also enables them to create images specifically requested by guests that are only limited by their imaginations.

We also invite you to imagine the many possibilities where our face painting Boston artists can add their own special zest and appeal. Beyond private parties, these New England face painting Boston artisans will do much to attract visitors and guests to your next presentation. For instance, non-profit agencies can significantly increase visibility and support for their causes by having our face painting Boston artists realize the magic of their paint brushes at fundraising fairs, auctions, dinner parities or carnivals.

Private businesses, too, can benefit from the celebrated efforts of Boston face painters. Potential customers, for example, will flock to retail store openings, product demonstrations, or business promotions when Urban Circus Events' face painting Boston artists are part of the featured activities.

Private occasions of any type are the perfect setting for face painting Boston artists. Guests will thrill to our Boston face painters artistry at graduations, anniversaries, job promotions, bar and bat mitzvahs and other special moments in our lives.

No matter what your activity or event, Urban Circus Events has prestigious face painting Boston professionals to make your occasion truly special. To learn more, view our photos here at www.urbancircusevents.com or call us.