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Family picnics to celebrate special occasions, create long lasting, happy memories for children and parents alike. Companies and community organizations have yearly traditions where large numbers of their people gather to play games, compete in contests, and feast on barbeque and watermelon. Urban Circus Events provides of all the high quality amusement equipment, staff, and entertainers you will need to throw the quintessential picnic.

1. Picnic Games
In addition to planning and executing set up, one or more of our game consultants will conduct contests, instruct in rules and serve as referee.
+ Volley Ball + Badminton
+ Horse Shoes + Croquet
+ 4-way Tug of War + Bungee Launch
+ Cover the Spot+ Sac Races
+ Beach Volley Ball with Sand + Tower Building
+ Baggo (bean bag toss) + Beverage Relay

2. Baseball Toss
Great for all ages, guys or girls, this game tests pitching skills. Player takes a turns throwing and each pitch is called ball or strike. Stats are recorded and whoever throws the most strikes in the inning, wins the game and maybe even a prize.

3. Inflatable Double Shot
Ideal for an out door picnic, this basketball inflatable provides activity that keeps your guests involved for hours. Two players compete at once to sink as many baskets as they can in their set time. Boys and girls love exercising their skills with this amusement - it's hard to tear them away.

4. Inflatable Batting Cage
Little leaguers are excited by the opportunity to prove their batting skills with this inflatable. Using real bats and balls, the kids take their turn at the plate against the mechanical "pitching arm." The speed can be selected and the controlled pitch comes directly into the strike zone every time. Fans can cheer on batters from the exterior of the enclosure for a safe and fun environment.

5. 3- Hole Miniature Golf Course
These portable miniature golf units can be set up indoors or out. Designed to present a challenge to kids or adults, players enjoy putting their way through the 3-hole course, competing with friends and family as they go. Golf clubs, balls and score cards are included in the rental.

6. 9-Hole Miniature Golf Course
Novice golfers or pros will be happy to find 9-holes of their favorite sport set out for their pleasure at your event. Our set up crew will arrange the holes within the allotted space to provide optimal flow of play. Clubs, balls, and score cards are included.

7. Cow Milking
Who can extract the most milk from this poor cow in the time allotted? Each contestant pulls and squeezes as fast as they can before the buzzer sounds. The milk is measured up and the amount is tallied. The farmer with the best score wins the blue ribbon.

8. Down Pour Derby
This is the perfect game choice for a hot summer day. The object of this game is to pump water into the bucket hovering over your opponents head by turning the crank handles as fast as you can. The bucket which fills up to the 3 gallon levels first - tips over and drenches the player below. This provides lots of laughter and rowdy, but safe fun for everyone.

9. Giant Board Games
Not only does a giant board game give a dramatic look to your venue, but it provides those guests into chess or checkers with hours of self generated entertainment. On lookers can follow the strategy being deployed and take sides with one or the other players, cheering them on offering critiques, and suggestions.

10. Frames Games
Frame games involve balls or other objects being thrown or hit at them. The challenge involves the players' aiming skills. Scores are kept and winners get prizes. We have several 7' x 7' games to choose from: Shark Attack, Quarterback Attack, Froggy-Fly-Fling, Slap Shot Hockey, Soccer Kick and Score, Baseball Toss, Laser Toss, Golf Chipping Challenge and more.

11. Giant Twister
This giant blow up version of Twister is a blast for kids, teenagers and adults who are still agile. The positions players are forced into by the spin of the needle, provide plenty of amusement for on lookers as well. The player who can best keep contact with his colored dots - Wins.

12. Plinko
If you've ever watched "The Price is Right" with your Grandmother, you know how this game is played. Drop the object into the slots at the top of the vertical board and watch it zigzag its way down while hoping and praying that it lands in the highest scoring pockets at the bottom. The greatest score determines the winner.

13. Pony Hops - 4 Racers
Kids, teenagers or adults love bouncing their way down the straight away on these adorable inflated ponies in their bid to win the race. This boisterous competition is fun to watch and the whole crowd gets involved in cheering on their favorite thorough bred and jockey.

14. Giant Tricycles
Feel like a kid again! These giant tricycles are designed for teenager or adult riders and can be used to race or just play. They add a light hearted, fun element to the festivities and little kids especially get a kick out of seeing the grownups riding around on their trikes. Photos of Daddy on his tricycle will keep the family keep laughing for years to come.

15. Moonwalk Castle
A moonwalk or inflatable castle is the very favorite amusement of all little kids. They will be kept busy for hours bouncing up, down and sideways within the walls of the fortress. This large scale, colorful and fanciful structure adds visual appeal to any setting and can be one of several different inflatables installed at larger events. Our party planner will discuss the various options.

16. Kid's Favorite Characters
We have all the favorite characters to delight the kids at birthday parties and special events. Featuring top of the line costumes and wonderful actors who portray the voices and personalities so well, we are known for our superior performances in this genre of children's entertainment.

17. Face Painters
Our talented face painters have a range of styles suited to different age groups, themes and time allotted per subject. Able to work at a fast pace for larger crowds, they turn out adorable animals faces, super hero masks, and fanciful designs which delight the kids. More complex face and body art is available.

18. Air Brush Temporary Tattoo
Teenagers and college kids are into the airbrush tattoos. Simple designs can be applied in a few minutes, or more intricate full face and body art can be achieved with a combination of air brushing and direct painting with a brush. There is no limit to the creative images that our top level artists can render.

19. Balloon Artists
Delight the kids with one of our wonderful balloon artists who conjure up incredible animals, flowers, masks, and crowns in just minutes. Children love watching as the colorful objects take shape, and treasure their souvenir of the special day.

20. Petting Zoo
Goats, pigs, lamas, ducks, chickens and bunny rabbits are favorite attractions in our petting zoo. Kids enjoy seeing, petting and communicating with theses adorable animals close up. The handlers do a great job of keeping both the children and animals safe and happy throughout the event.

21. Pony Rides
Kids as young as three can mount up and take a ride on one of our trained ponies. We can transport one or more ponies to your outdoor event at home, schools, picnics and festivals. Each ride lasts about 3 minutes so that 20 rides are possible per pony, per hour. Small kids are thrilled by their adventure.

22. Trackless Train
The trackless train is the ultimate amusement for little kids at larger events. It takes its passengers for an exciting ride all over the grounds, passing by all the activities and waving guests as it toots along.

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Company Picnic Boston

Looking to build company spirit? A company picnic Boston, brought to you by Boston event company, Urban Circus Events, is not only a great way to have fun but also boost staff loyalty and enthusiasm.

Boston area event company, Urban Circus Events provides complete, one-stop shopping for a company picnic Boston that offers plenty of excitement and variety that is sure to please every employee and their family.

Our Boston event planning services run the entire gamut from a delicious barbeque, to thrilling attractions and colorful entertainers. Your staff can spend their company picnic Boston enjoying a quintessential picnic experience. They'll be able to savor such favorites as tug-of-war, and classic games like volley ball, and tower building (complete with choice prizes for the winners!).

Your corporate picnic Boston will be a big hit as your guest enjoy the many features offered. Exhilarating jugglers and stilt walkers, the hilarious antics of mimes and clowns, and even the wit and merriment of our robotic talking parrot entertain the crowd endlessly. Of course, your company picnic Boston will feature all of those delicious treats like watermelon, hamburgers and hot dogs for your staffers to savor and enjoy the entire day.

For golf lovers Urban Circus Events can set up a 9-hole miniature golf course at your next company picnic Boston. Team sports staffers will delight in challenging co-workers to badminton, horse shoes, or a 3 legged race. Employees at your company picnic Boston will also love the opportunity to test their skills in high flying simulated play. Our basketball game offers the chance to shoot three pointers. Meanwhile, they can pit their baseball hitting techniques against automated challenging pitchers. They even get the chance to show their stuff as quarterbacks with the always entertaining arcaded football at your company picnic Boston area.

The classics will win rave reviews at your company picnic Boston, as well. Employees will make the most of their special day with hours and hours of play with the picnic rentals Boston, such as the giant tricycles, pony hops and moon castle.

High tech fans among your workforce will eagerly test their abilities with our multitude of virtual reality games at your company picnic Boston. Those with the need for speed are sure to give a thumbs up to our Daytona Twins, Grand Prix Auto Racing, Race Car Simulation, and Jet Ski and Snowmobile Simulators featuring an exciting mix of twists, turns and plenty of acceleration!

At the same time, sports fantasies will come alive at company picnic Boston with classics such as virtual reality baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding that puts them right in the center of the action.

Beyond company picnic Boston, our theme events are also great for such public and private occasions as street festivals, store promotions, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs and county fairs.

No matter what your theme or activity, Urban Circus Events is available to make your next company picnic Boston an event that will long be remembered - and cherished - by your employees. To learn more, please review the picnic menu here at at www.urbancircusevents.com or call us.