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We can transform almost any environment into an authentic casino-like atmosphere. In addition to high quality gaming tables, we provide all the theme related accessories, lighting equipment, décor, professional dealers, bartenders, DJ's and entertainers needed to achieve the illusion of a Las Vegas experience. Your Casino Night is destined to be winner under the auspices of one of our event designers.

House Parties + Fund Raisers + Corporate Events + College Parties + Re-unions

Custom packages are available. Fees include event planning, equipment rental and set-up, on-site personnel, and removal. Estimate one table per 10 guests.
*Only "play money" is wagered in all games including slot machines.

1. Black Jack Tables
These beautiful black jack tables can accommodate up to 7 players at a time. As they are the most popular casino rental, we have several available for large events. Our excellent male and female dealers offer smooth play, friendly interaction and instruction for novice players. Choose stand up or sit down tables.

2. Poker Tables
Our premium casino grade poker tables feature billiard quality felt surfaces. With room for eight players and the dealer, everyone gets the chance to join in betting and bluffing. Dealers are great at coaching novice players in the varying rules of the different poker games.

3. Roulette Tables
This authentic 8' x 4' table with professional 22" roulette wheel provides suspenseful fun for gamblers placing chips on their lucky numbers, black or red. The thrill of a big win as the ball lands in the right slot on the spinning wheel makes this game exciting and addictive.

4. Craps Table
These large tables make an impressive addition to any casino set up. High rollers love the quick betting action offered in this game. Our dealers offer a brief synopsis of the rules for those unfamiliar with this game and most players catch on immediately.

5. Texas Hold 'Em Table
Ten players and a dealer can gather around this 8' x 4' regulation size oval table. Play Texas Hold 'Em, Seven Card Stud, Pineapple, Omaha, or Let it Ride or whatever style poker the gang wishes. Our dealers know them all, and will gladly instruct those who don't.

6. Casino Prize Wheel
This large vertical wheel is also known as the Money Wheel, Wheel of Fortune or Wheel of Chance. Choose the inlaid money version, horse racing or dice. Simple to play, the wheel provides lots of excitement and entertainment for those guests who are not experienced card sharks. An attendant takes bets and operates the game.

7. Slot Machines
For larger events a row of slot machines gives that authentic Las Vegas Casino look. They are known for their addictiveness and once players get started, it's hard to quit. Tokens are provided and prizes (determined by client) are awarded to winners.

8. Horse Racing Simulator
Using a multiple plasma screens set up on a giant truss apparatus, an actual horse race is simulated using high definition footage from real races. Guests can place bets with their "phony money" on favorite horses and win more "phony money" to be traded in for great prizes at the end of the night. Our attendants or bookies put on a good show for the crowd keeping the action fast paced and edgy.

9. Cash Cube
This exhilarating game tests the dexterity of contestants as they try to grab as many flying bills as physically possible in the allotted 30 seconds inside the booth. It's not as easy as one might think and offers a real challenge. The wild and crazy behavior of the person inside the booth provides plenty of entertainment for onlookers.

10. Customized Money and Chips
Of course, due the laws of the land, fake, fun, phony or play money must be used for all the gaming. We can provide standard bills and chips, or we can customize the currency to include the bosses' photos, company logo, or whatever else a client may desire. Winnings can be cashed in for prizes throughout the event, and the custom prizes or gifts will be determined by client in advance.

11. Dealers
Dealers are one of the most important elements of a successful Casino Night. They must be expert handlers of the gaming on a technical level, appear well groomed and costumed, and possess an innate ability to interact with guests to inspire a great time. Our professional staff fills that bill and receives praise from clients where ever they go. Although usually included in the package deals, dealers can be optional with all equipment rentals. Clients may prefer to use their own volunteer dealers at fund raisers, holiday parties, etc.

12. Strolling Vegas Show Girls
Inviting one or more of our gorgeous and glamorous show girls to mix and mingle at your Casino Night is definitely the frosting on the cake. Dolled up from head to toe in feathers and sequence, our beauties will charm your guests with their exuberate personalities, adding sparkle, color and an extra dose of authenticity to the look of any event.

13. Cigarette Girls
Cigarettes, cigars, or any other party favor can be offered to your guests by our adorable, professional actresses. Attired in high end costumes and vintage carrying trays our girls flow through the event, conversing with everyone and helping to see to their needs. Their presence enriches the look and feel of the casino experience.

14. Celebrity Impersonators
For clients who want to incorporate some real entertainment into the mix, we will produce a top level celebrity impersonator. Frank, Elvis, Marilyn, Austin, Elton and others are waiting in the wings to come in and knock your sox off with their uncanny portrayal of the big stars. They can mix and mingle with guests or stage a small show as the main attraction of the evening's event.

15. Red Carpet Entrance
The tone for the evening is set as guests enter the Casino via the Red Carpet. This first impression lets your guests know that they are in for a very special treat with the extravagant party you have waiting for them inside. This is a simple prop that gives a big return on its investment.

In addition to the gaming tables, large scale Casino themed décor can be brought in to transform your venue into a fantastic version of the real thing. A Grand Entrance featuring your company name in lights, disco balls, giant dice and cards are a few of the options available.

17. Bartenders
Professional and friendly bartenders serve up the drinks with style for your guests at house parties or large corporate bashes. With high standards in cleanliness, efficiency in handling large groups, and knowledge of recipes, our bartenders are complimented for their work consistently.

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Boston Casino Party Rental

Bring the thrill of simulated big gaming to your next event with Urban Circus Events' Boston casino party rental. It's a sure bet that your guests will love the complete Vegas-like atmosphere brought to you by our expert party planners.

Our Boston event planners offers one-stop shopping for those seeking the best in imaginary gambling (no real money is used) that has a real feel of a Boston casino party rental. From classic games of chance to decorations to bartenders and dealers, our complete casino party rental Boston area package offers top notch, quality gaming entertainment no matter what the occasion.

Our custom packages feature Boston event planning, on-site personnel, equipment rental and set-up as well as removal for the best in Boston casino party rental.

Urban Circus Events offers all of the favorites for your Boston casino party rental. Our Black Jack, Poker, Texas Hold'em, and Craps tables brings the best in fast moving, high stakes cards and dice action that will please novice and veteran gamblers alike for the ultimate in Massachusetts casino party rentals. Meanwhile, our Roulette Table and Casino Prize Wheel offer plenty of excitement as players hope and cheer for the winning numbers on the spinning wheels. Similarly, our slot machines will generate high anticipation among party-goers hoping for the right numbers to turn up at Boston casino party rental.

We also offer numerous unique attractions that will add new levels of play at your next Boston casino party rental. For instance, our horse racing simulator featuring filmed horse races will provide guests with the fantastic indulgence of betting on the ponies for the best in party rentals Boston. At the same time, our Cash Cube offers never ending hilarity as guests frantically grab for as many bills as possible within the air powered cube at Boston casino party rental.

Urban circus Events covers all of the bases for your gaming extravaganza. Standard bills and chips can be used for players or currency can be customized to include a company logo, the birthday guest of honor, or whatever suits your fancy for a truly personalized Boston casino party rental experience. Furthermore, winnings can be exchanged for custom prizes or gifts selected by party hosts.

The dealers provided by our Boston casino party rental help set the standard for professionalism, high standards of grooming and appearance, technical expertise in gaming, and commitment to guests for having a wonderful time throughout the event. Similarly, our friendly bartenders serve up delicious drinks and style for your guests at any Boston casino party rental.

Just about any setting is perfect for your next Boston casino party rental, presented by Urban Circus Events. Fundraisers for charitable agencies or causes, house parties, college parties or reunions are all good time occasions for party equipment rentals Massachusetts. Corporate events, such as employee or board meetings or holiday parties, become cherished nights to remember with our Boston casino party rental presentation.

To learn more about how we can create the magic of Boston casino party rental for your next event, browse our site here at www.urbancircusevents.com and the call to speak with our Boston event planners.