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Kids love a carnival! This is an ideal theme choice for special events geared to 5 years olds and up. We can provide any number of booths with attendants, circus entertainers such as stilt walkers, clowns and jugglers, fun food machines, train rides and so much more. Whether staging a carnival for a small occasion in a back yard or a full scale corporate or community event, we have all the high quality equipment and personnel needed to achieve an exciting and realistic environment.

1. Carnival Booth with Attendants
Our colorful, candy stripped carnival booths are brought into your location, set up with the games of your choice and then stocked with an enticing display of prizes. Our lively attendants are now ready to get the show on the road. You and your quests will experience all the fun and excitement of an authentic carnival event.

2. Carnival Booth games - choose from this list of classics
+ Ring Toss + Star Darts
+ Color Game + Break-a-Plate
+ Shark Attack + Balloon Darts
+ Cover the Spot+ Quarterback Attack
+ Froggy Fling + Duck Pond
+ Roller Bowler + Coke Toss

3. Carnival Prizes
Stuffed animals, toys, key chains, candy and trinkets of all kinds may be offered as prizes to the winners of carnival games. Clients may choose from our selection, or supply the prizes themselves. Our attendants arrange the prizes in a colorful display inside the booths and hand over items to the lucky winners.

4. Psychic Pavilion
Fortune telling using palm reading, tarot cards and crystal balls will be a main attraction at your carnival. Our professional psychics predict aspects of the future in regards to love interests, family, financial status and more. Your guests will be intrigued by the information offered by our readers - as the fortune being told - almost always resonates with the true circumstances of their lives. Our tents are decorated with covered tables, lamps and flowing draped material to create a mysterious ambience.

5. High Striker
Much tougher than you'd think, this contest requires some brute strength. The swing of a real sledge hammer down on the striker plate sends the marker up the pole - in an attempt to hit the bell at the top. Teenagers and adults love this challenge and we offer tempting prizes to spur on vigorous competition between the alpha males. Strong girls often surprise the crowd with winning swings of their own.

6. Miniature Train on Tracks
Little kids can't wait to climb aboard our miniature train which runs on real tracks easily installed on grounds with a flat terrain. The engineer takes the tickets, gets the passengers into their seats, toots the whistle and takes them for a fun ride around the course. A trackless train is also available for venues with a more hilly terrain.

7. Fun House Mirrors
Every carnival must have the fun house mirror as one of its attractions. Guests are totally amused by their distorted images as are their friends and family. Photos should be taken to capture the freakish faces and bodies as a humorous remembrance of the special occasion. Kids who have never stood before a fun house mirror are fascinated and puzzled by the wild effects it reflects.

8. The Talking Parrot
This robotic talking parrot looks absolutely real to its unsuspecting victims. Sitting atop the arm of an actor or a wooden perch, the parrot engages in quick witted conversations - shocking everyone with his high intelligence. Using hidden live video and microphones, our operator, who is also hidden, controls the parrot's movements and is the actual voice of the clever bird. This amusement is a major hit at all kinds of events.

9. Air Brush Tattoo Cart
Choose your design and our expert tattoo artist will air brush it onto face, hand, or most any body part. Using high quality equipment and temporary tattoo inks, our artist works quickly to render a real looking tattoo that gives you the thrill of wearing your emblem without the commitment. Choice of a simple or more complex design depends on the time allotted for each person at event.

10. Stilt Walkers
Stilt walkers are the essence of a carnival. Not only do they define the theme visually, but they entertain the crowd with juggling skills, comical interaction and amazing physical stunts. Appearing in colorful costumes, clown make up and wigs, our stilt walkers can serve to meet and greet your guests as they enter the carnival grounds. They will then stroll about for the duration of the event - stirring up excitement and laughter where ever they go.

11. Jugglers
Our phenomenal jugglers will take your event to the next level as they demonstrate their amazing skills to the delight of the crowd. Juggling balls, pins, swords, and other objects, either as a solo act or with a partner, they will perform a variety of difficult stunts in an interactive and comical style. Colorful costuming and make up are standard attire for a carnival appearance.

12. Clowns
Circus clowns offering balloon art, face painting, simple magic and juggling are a wonderful addition to any carnival event. Our professional male and female clowns, wearing your choice of full make up or light make up, are all experienced children's entertainers. Their skills and ability to handle large numbers of kids in line for balloon animals and face painting earns them praise where ever they go.

13. Monkey on the Organ Grinder
This trained monkey is a real crowd pleaser. Fascinating to both kids and adults, this amazing monkey plays baseball, basketball, plays a miniature piano and does several other adorable tricks. As a side show or a main attraction, Hurdey Girdie the Monkey makes perfect carnival theme entertainment.

14. Mime
The French mime will add lots of local color to a carnival event. Strolling about the grounds, he will interact with individuals and groups as he goes, communicating anything and everything about the world around him. People will be amazed by the complex conversations they may have with the mime in which only they use the spoken word.

15. Cotton Candy Machine
What would a carnival be without cotton candy? This is a must for carnival events. Our attendants can serve more modest amounts for the health conscious, but every kids should enjoy the experience at least once in a life time.

16. Popcorn Machine
The old fashion popcorn machine is another prop that gives that authentic carnival look to your event. In addition, it gives that irresistible freshly popped popcorn smell to the atmosphere. Our attendant takes care of making fresh batches, bagging it up and handing it out to everyone.

17. Hot Dog Cart
Hot dogs are usually the food of choice at a carnival. Easy to cook and serve, almost everyone wants one. Our attendants make sure the food is handled properly from transport to cooking to serving. Good quality hot dogs and buns are used, and veggie hot dogs are always an option if requested.

18. Ice Cream Truck
Step right up to the window and order your ice cream sandwich, chocolate covered vanilla bar, popsicle, or cone. There are plenty of other snacks to choose from as well. Friendly vendors and good quality products are standard on our colorful ice cream trucks.

19. Slush Cart
Mmmmmmm……the perfect refreshment for a hot summer day at the fair or carnival. Our brightly colored slushes come in many flavors and are a favorite of the kids.

20. Pretzel Case
Fresh, warm, salt covered pretzels make a filling snack to nibble on as the carnival goers ponder what game or amusement to try next. A little mustard makes a nice condiment that goes well with the pretzel. Overall this is a simple and neat snack to offer your guests as they enjoy their day at your event.

21. Caramel Apples
This treat is perfect for fall events. Crisp, delicious tasting apples are thoroughly washed, mounted on a stick, dipped in melted caramel and then dredged in crushed walnuts. They're a bit sticky, but fun to eat.

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Carnival rentals Boston and carnival booth rentals Boston

Everyone loves a carnival! Now you can bring the fun and excitement of a real carnival to your next event with carnival rentals Boston and carnival booth rentals Boston by Urban Circus Events!

It's all here. Every fantastic, thrilling attraction that makes a day at the carnival such a special occasion. Our Boston event planners offers all of the classics, such as High Striker, an all-time favorite where guests swing a real sledge hammer attempting to send a marker up a pole to hit the bell on top as one of our Boston carnival game rentals.

Our miniature train, which runs on real tracks, is always a big hit with youngsters. Children will love hearing the engineer toot whistle as he or she takes them for a ride around the train course. Meanwhile, our fun house mirrors always succeed in generating plenty of laughs among guests as a result of carnival planning Boston as they marvel at the effects caused by their distorted images.

Visitors of all ages will be thoroughly intrigued by the abilities of our fortune tellers at the Psychic Pavilion which is among the best of our Massachusetts carnival rental and MA carnival booth rentals attractions. These talented professionals utilize palm reading, tarot cards and crystal balls to fascinate visitors with their future predictions of love, family, finances and more.

Another one of our carnival rentals Boston feature is our air brushed tattoo cart. Our Urban Circus Events experts are ready to air brush guests' selected designs onto their face, arm, or other body part for an authentic appearing tattoo that is sure to add even more fun to their special day.

UCE also features colorful, candy striped carnival booth rentals Boston with an amazing offering of midway games for your carnival planning Boston. Our games enable guests to eagerly test their skills in ring toss, star darts, break-a-plate, balloon darts, duck pond, roller bowler, shark attack and other much beloved Boston area carnival rental attractions. Winners receive choice prizes offered by our professional carnival games Boston staff, including stuffed animals, toys, candy, key chains and other much desired trinkets.

Our MA event planners deliver an atmosphere made even more compelling by the wonderfully outrageous personalities who will be in attendance at your Boston carnival event. For instance, jugglers participating in our carnival planning Boston take entertainment to the next level with their amazing dexterity and balance - juggling balls, pins, swords and additional objects to the enthusiastic approval of awe struck crowds.

Our stilt walkers also earn high marks with their stupendous juggling and physical stunts that always earn strong applause from audiences. Clowns make the most of any carnival game rentals Boston with their face painting, magic and comedic antics that are sure to bring a smile - and plenty of laughter - to event visitors. And no carnival would be complete without a French mime who will dazzle on-lookers by telling distinctive stories with his elaborate movements.

For animal lovers, our hurdie gurdie entertainer is a carnival booth rental Boston highlight as his trained monkey plays baseball and basketball, a miniature piano and several other wonderful tricks. Similarly, our robot talking parrot, perched atop the shoulder of our jolly pirate, amuses and confounds young and old alike with his sharp wit and quick conversation - without question he is a Boston carnival equipment rentals favorite.

Our fine offering of carnival food makes the experience complete as our carnival game rentals Boston and carnival booth rentals Boston make the crowds hungry with so much activity. Our cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels, caramel apples, tempting slushies and ice cream are presented in authentic style (our ice cream is delivered by ice cream truck!) and sure to be both delicious and satisfying for all of your guests who experience party carnival rentals Boston.

Carnival planning Boston is made easy by all of our wonderful games and booths. Backyard birthdays, store promotions, corporate gatherings, graduation parties and anniversaries are all made into one-of-a-kind special events thanks to our carnival planning Boston services that will be treasured for years to come.

To learn more about how we can bring carnival rentals Boston and carnival booth rentals Boston to your next event, please check out our website here at www.urbancircusevents.com or call us.