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Children are wonderful artists. They are imaginative and expressive in the creation of all kinds of artwork and crafts projects using a variety of mediums. Kids immerse themselves in the process and render finished works they can be proud of. Always colorful and bold, their arts and crafts projects are worthy of displaying and enjoying for a life time.

Urban Circus Events offers exceptional programs of arts and crafts activities for parties and special events for private, community or corporate venues. Our staff of professional artists lead and inspire the kids to construct objects in a vast range of mediums to suit any themed event. Kids love taking home their creation to show Mom and Dad what they have made with their own hands, heart and mind. This is an ideal party activity for parents wishing to bring out the best in their kids and their guests while putting on a totally enjoyable and exciting event.

Look at all the excellent arts and crafts activities listed below. We can customize many of these projects to suit any party theme or put together an entirely original idea. We supply all of the necessary materials, set up the stations prior to the event, and clean up thoroughly afterwords

1. Plaster Art
We provide a selection of statues, plaques, lettering and other plaster objects which the kids paint in any colors and designs they desire. Each finished artwork is always unique and expressive. The paint dries quickly and the objects are ready to be taken home by the end of the party. Kids five and older get totally involved in the project and strive to do their best work for this very popular art & crafts program choice.

2. Tie-Dye Clothing
Using T-shirts, bandanas, and hats, kids first learn the techniques from our expert instructors and then do the actual tying and dying themselves. We set up the station with all the necessary tools and supplies for an efficient and safe production environment. The creative spirit is let loose in this free flowing design medium and the results are beautiful.

3. Fabric Art
All sorts of fabric items can be the objects upon which kids create their fanciful images. T-shirts, canvas totes, bandanas, hats, and sneakers make great raw canvases for abstract or figurative paintings done with fabric pens or fabric paints which dry quickly. Kids become intensely involved with their project, trying their hardest to render interesting designs on these permanent clothing or accessory articles.

4. Build a Bear
We provide the bear and a fantastic wardrobe of clothes and accessories from which the kids may pick and choose to dress up their adorable take home party favors. Each child demonstrates a unique sense of taste as they coordinate the outfit from head to toe. This is one of our most popular programs and appeals to little ones all the way up to adolescents.

5. Beading Station
A myriad of colors, sizes and type beads are provided along with the tools and instruction at the beading station. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories can be strung together in beautiful patterns to create very useful and long lasting items to be taken home with pride by your guests.

6. Masks
For parties and events featuring a particular theme, the creation of masks is an ideal art & crafts choice. From animal faces to bizarre and abstract disguises, the imaginative concepts kids come up with are impressive. This makes a perfect first phase of a theme party, as once the mask is completed, kids may wear it and act out the character they have created. Our artists assist the kids in the construction of sturdy, well fitted masks.

7. Flip Flops
An ideal project for girls 8 - 12 years old, decoration a pair of flip flops in gem stones, sequence, silk flowers, or painted on designs, instills a sense of self satisfaction and pride. The finished products make a generous party favor and remembrance of the special occasion each time they are worn by your daughter and her guests.

8. Spin Art
Spin art is achieved by dripping wet paint onto canvas, paper, or an object such as a Frisbee, and then while the paint is still wet, it is placed in a centrifuge and spun at a high speed. The paint is forced outward from the center of the piece creating beautiful organic designs. More paint can be added and spun again, building up layers and complexity in the designs. Kids are amazed by the fantastic effects created by this technique and love their finished products.

9. Bubble Art
An ideal activity for the younger kids, bubble art provides a playful environment in which they not only participate in blowing bubbles but also observe our artists creating marvelous configurations of super-sized bubble sculptures. Our bubble machine produces an endless supply of bubbles to the delight of the kids especially when viewing the wondrous sight through their 3-dimensional glasses.

10. Sand Art
Using glue and fine, colored sand, kids create designs and figurative images on a flat surface. We supply 10 brilliant colors for them to work with and the finished pieces sparkle under the light. Three dimensional pieces in which kids fill clear plastic objects with the different colored sands in various layers, are also an option. These "sculptures" make very interesting artworks and look great on their shelves at home.

11. Edible Sand Art
Edible sand is made from "Pucker Powder" (tangy, fruit flavored sugar crystals). We provide 8 flavors for the kids to choose from as they fill bottles, straws and other clear plastic objects to create fun, colorful designs which can later be nibbled on. Boys and girls get a big kick out of this very popular craft choice.

12. Painting on Wooden Boxes
Out of the minds and hands of kids of all ages, exquisite artworks emerge on the surfaces of wooden boxes, cut out letters or ornaments. Using paint brushes and fast drying paints, glitter, decoupage, gemstones, silk flowers or more, they dream up fascinating designs which they apply to their piece with serious focus and an earnest desire to do their very best work.

13. T-Shirt Transfers
Dozens of designs and text choices are available for the on the spot production of customized T-shirts. We supply the T-shirts in all colors and sizes as well as the attendant who processes the design transfer. Themed events take on a unified look as one guest after the others dons himself in his custom crafted T-shirt.

14. Bejewel Sunglasses, Hats, T-Shirts and Cell Phones
It is possible to "bling" just about any article of clothing or accessory you desire, such as sun glasses, cell phones, ipod, flip flops, etc.. We set up a station with all the colorful, sparkling gemstones, beads, sequins, glitter and glues which are needed to work your magic. Our crafts experts instruct the kids in the proper techniques to insure long lasting results.

15. Pumpkin Carving
Everyone gets a fresh whole pumpkin, a quick lesson from our artist, all the tools necessary for the job, the pleasure of a Halloween themed CD playing in the background and the go ahead signal to carve the cutest or scariest face imaginable. For older, more skilled groups, our master pumpkin sculptor will instruct in the techniques of carving out a more sophisticated image on the pumpkin surface. For the youngest groups, pumpkin decoration, rather than carving is offered. Here, the kids first create then stick on the features of their pumpkin's face.

16. Ginger Bread House
This an unforgettable craft experience for boys and girls 6 and older. We supply the ginger bread house in its raw state and a cornucopia of their favorite candies and edible icing with which to decorate the entire thing. They go about the task with a sense of joy and excitement and the finished products are absolutely amazing, each one a unique and fanciful masterpiece.

17. Ornaments
Using a wide variety of materials like wood, felt, construction paper, glass, wire, paint, glitter, feathers, silk flowers, etc., kids are free to shape any sort of ornament they may conceive of. Our instructors are on hand to aid them in the process, teaching techniques of using glues, cutting materials and handling glitter as they work diligently to create their treasured ornament.

18. Decorate Frames
A hand decorated frame surrounding a beautiful photo taken at the party or event makes the best party souvenir. We supply the raw frames and a wide range of theme choices to suit your occasion. Kids create bold and colorful graphic designs for their borders, and get really excited when we offer stick on flowers, miniature trees, animals figures and more. Once the photo is installed, the piece becomes a keepsake for years to come.

19. Charm Bracelets
This is a special treat for girls 6 and older. We supply a basic chain bracelet and an array of charms symbolic of things important to them at this stage of their lives. They select the charms and fasten them to the bracelet themselves enjoying the satisfaction of having created such a lovely and meaningful piece of jewelry.

20. Painted Hats
Baseball caps, sombreros, and cowboy hats are the most popular styles chosen for hand painting and decorating. Using fabric pens and fabric paint, kids and adults can render any image that comes to mind, under the guidance of our craft artist. The results can be impressive, and the hats are worn with pride for a long time to come.

21. Wax Hands
By simply dipping one's hand or hands into a vat of melted paraffin, our wax hand machine renders a three dimensional sculpture using digital technology. Various colored waxes may be used and the finished pieces make amazing novelty items. This craft is suited to teenager, college students and adults.

22. Mosaic Mermaid
Kids begin this project by drawing the outline of their mermaid, then painting in the face, human flesh areas, and background. Simulating the technique of inlaying colored mosaics, kids produce striking effects on the mermaid tails and flowing hair by gluing on chips of color. The craft instructors help everyone to calculate interesting mosaic patterns to achieve a dazzling finished piece of work.

23. Candle Art
Easy and so much fun to make, candles offer kids an opportunity to use their sense of color and design to come up with original combinations. Our craft artist handles the hot melted wax or gel for them, pouring the substances into beautiful glass wear of varying shapes and sizes. The kids may add all kinds of things like shells, holly leaves, coins, and even gem stones to enhance the complexity of their finished candles.

24. Dream Catcher
Based on an ancient American Indian tradition, a dream catcher represents a spider web which, when hung over a child's bed, will catch all bad dreams and let only the sweet ones through. It is made by weaving a web like design around a hoop hung from a chain. It is then decorated with other natural occurring items such as feathers and beads which are attached to the hoop and hang below. Kids are fascinated to learn of this and love sharing in the custom.

25. Sign Shop
Stop signs, license plates, street signs……can be customized on the spot by our computer generated sign shop. Kids just dictate their motto or aphorism to our attendant, and before you know it the sign is ready to be taken home and hung as décor on bedroom walls and doors. This is appreciated at bar mitzvahs and at events for kids in a similar age group.

26. Wire Sculpture
As an entertainer, our wire sculptor creates intriguing figurines, names, slogans and other iconic images for guests to take home as party souvenirs. As an instructor, he will teach the techniques of twisting and cutting the copper wire to you and your guests so that you may create your own works of art in this medium.

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Arts and crafts party Boston

Children are naturally creative. So, for your next party, help them tap into their inner artist with an arts and crafts party Boston from Urban Circus Events.

Urban Circus Events offers a wide variety of party themes that allow youngsters to explore their artistic passion. Consider, for example, our arts and crafts party Boston that are especially appealing to young girls. This special treat enables party guests to enjoy attaching a wide selection of colorful, meaningful and appealing charms to basic bracelets for a truly attractive Boston area arts and crafts party.

Similarly, girls love to artfully express themselves at our flip flop theme arts and crafts party Boston. This special occasion is particularly great for older girls, age eight to 12 years of age, as they delight in personalizing party-supplied flip flops with gem stones, silk flowers, or painted designs.

For children who favor the brush, Urban Circus Events offers several arts and crafts party Boston featuring plenty of painting fun.

Spin art, for instance, adds a fascinating painting twist for children who enjoy arts and crafts party Boston. Through this specialized art form, youngsters drip paint onto canvas, paper or objects such as Frisbees which are then placed into a centrifuge and spun at high speed. The result is an abstract wonder that will be prized by your party guests for years to come courtesy of our arts and crafts party Massachusetts.

T-shirts, canvas toes, bandanas, hats, sneakers and other items become cherished objects of style at our fabric art parties. Children enthusiastically embrace their selection of fabric pens, fabric paint or even hand paints to create their own signature style to a wide variety of fabric items.

Children will also leap at the chance to add attractive sparkle to hats, t-shirts, sunglasses and cell phones through this arts and crafts parties Boston. Through this presentation, our craft experts help youngsters of any age to glue on colorful, sparkling sequins, gemstones and beads to varied objects for beloved eye catching appeal.

Responding to the sculptor in all of us, Urban Circus Events' plaster art arts and crafts birthday party Boston gives youngsters the special opportunity to paint their own imaginative designs to party-supplied plaster statues that make terrific party favors for home display. Using paint brushes and fast drying paints, our wooden boxes arts and crafts party Boston allows children of all ages to add their own personal designs to decorating wooden boxes. By adding glitter, ornaments, cut out letters, these youngsters can take pride in creating their own exquisite works of art.

Beyond painting, Urban Circus Events' arts and crafts party MA offers hands-on opportunities for children to create highly appealing crafts long to be treasured by your party guests. Our tie dye clothing arts and crafts party Boston offers expert instructors that assist children in the exciting tradition of tying and dying t-shirts, bandanas and hats. At our beading station, youngsters utilize colorful, sparkly beads to necklaces, earrings, bracelets or other accessories to encourage their own sense of fashion.

Theme parties are given their own unique edge with our masks arts and crafts party Boston. Children let their imagination roam freely as they create fanciful masks ranging from animal faces to the wild and wonderful. Once finished, your party takes on another exciting dimension as your guests act out their mask characters!

Children are able to embrace their own personal sense of taste with Urban Circus Events' build a bear arts and crafts party Boston. Guests will delight in choosing their own fantastic wardrobe and accessories to dress up their bear toy which, of course, they can take home to enjoy.

Our bubble art arts and crafts parties in Boston is terrifically suited to young children. They will marvel in blowing bubbles of varying dimensions and, at the same time, find our bubble machine fascinating as they witness the endless supply of bubbles through special 3D glasses.

The ethereal beauty of sand art is another compelling arts and crafts birthday party Boston theme. Using brightly colored sand, children create elaborate designs and figures which are then glued to a flat surface. They can also create their own beautiful three dimensional pieces by filling clear objects with these special sand offerings. A favorite variation on this theme is edible sand art where, using tangy flavored sugar powders, guests can fill objects and then later sample their works of art!

Your guests can make their party memory even more special with our decorate frames Boston arts and crafts party. We supply the basic frames and their artistic flair goes to work as they excitedly decorate the frames with paints, stickers or even miniature trees and animals.

Urban Circus Events offer several arts and crafts birthday party Boston that are ideal for children who enjoy the challenge of creating crafts from the ground up with basic materials and guidance.

Our dream catcher arts and crafts party Boston allows youngsters to sample this Native American tradition which features objects that allow good dreams to flourish while catching bad dreams. Youngsters eagerly do this by fixing spider web-type material to fabric hoops and then decorating them with feathers, beads and other adornments.

Through our sign shop Boston arts and crafts theme party, your guests can customize their own signs which are computer generated right on the spot. Using paints, stickers and objects, they will have a delight piece of art work ready to take home and hung on their bedroom wall.

Through our candle art arts and crafts birthday party Boston, young people the opportunity to create their own color design consisting of different waxes and gels to create candles they will proudly display within the home. Wax is also the primary material for our waxed hands arts and crafts birthday party Boston. By dipping their hands into melted paraffin, our wax hand machine allows children to fashion their own three dimensional sculpture they will be proud to call their very own.

Meanwhile, our wire sculpture theme party enables guests to bend and form wires, pipe cleaners and other pliable materials to develop unique sculpture creations. Mosaic Mermaid is yet another theme party novelty that is sure to both amaze and please youngsters. Through this craft, children draw outlines of mermaids which are then filled in with paints and striking arts and crafts items.

For Boston arts and crafts party taking place near the holidays, Urban Circus Events has the event just for you. For our pumpkin carving party, our expert crafters carefully guide youngsters in creating jack-o-lanterns featuring highly imaginative faces that will please young and old alike. For an equally unforgettable holiday craft experience, our crafters help children build their own gingerbread houses complete with edible icing, candies and other treats to these appealing and tasty sculptures. Christmas parties are made even more special with our ornaments arts and crafts party Boston. Using a wide array of materials - from wood to construction paper to paint and glitter - your guests will love taking home their own additions to the family Christmas tree.

These theme parties are fantastic as stand alone events or part of larger public and private occasions. Our Boston arts and crafts specialties do much to draw families and others to street festivals, store promotions, fairs and block parties for private businesses, non-profit agencies and other organizations.

No matter what your event, Urban Circus Events has the arts and crafts birthday party Boston to make your occasion truly memorable and special. To learn more, browse this category here at www.urbancircusevents.com or call us.