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Our top quality arcade game rentals offer non-stop fun at parties and events for all age groups. Whether ordering a few games or a full scale arcade set up, we deliver reliable service at competitive prices. Call for quotes and details.

1. Air Hockey Table
Our 2 player air powered hockey tables are available in different sizes. Superior high speed performance provides non-stop action. Referee attendant comes with sports game packages. Neon Glow lighting can be installed on trusses over table set-up to create special lighting effects.

2. Dome Air Hockey Table
This classic air hockey game in which 4 players move metal rods to control their miniature team members, is a standard fixture at sports theme events. Sound effects and digital score keeping are features of this action packed game.

3. Foosball
The miniature soccer players are control by 4 players working together on this table. A popular choice for sports arcade set ups, Foosball tables are included in the package deals. We have several available for tournament competitions.

4. Basketball Double Shot
Two players compete against each other to try and sink 3 point shots in the allotted time period. Scores and the remaining minutes on the clock are displayed on the digital screen above the baskets. Multiple units can be set up together at large events, so that everyone gets court time.

5. Basketball Double Shot Inflatable
Ideal for kids' events, this basketball inflatable provides activity that keeps them involved for hours. Two players compete at once to sink as many baskets as they can in their set time. Boys and girls both love exercising their skills with this amusement.

6. Skee Ball
The object of this game is to roll the ball up the alley trying to sink it into the higher scoring pockets. Each player receives 9 balls per turn and gets rewarded with prizes according to his score. This is a great choice for arcade set-ups, carnival theme parties, out-door picnics. It requires skill as in all games, but is low key and less competitive in nature.

7. Inflatable Batting Cage
Little leaguers are excited by the opportunity to prove their batting skills with this inflatable. Using real bats and balls, the kids take their turn at the plate against the mechanical "pitching arm." The speed can be selected and the controlled pitch comes directly into the strike zone every time. Fans can cheer on batters from the exterior of the enclosure for a safe and fun environment.

8. Electronic Darts
The electronic dartboard yields accurate scores the instant the dart strikes. This keeps the play going at a fast pace and heightens the sense of competition between the players. A popular choice with all ages, this game gets no rest - whatever the event may be.

9. Boccer Ball
This is a two player soccer game in which marbles are dropped down the chutes at either end of the board in an attempt to get them to land in the goal on the opposite side. The play continues at a fast pace until someone makes a goal. The first player to achieve 5 goals is the winner.

10. Golf Putting Challenge
Four players can compete on all 18 holes with this single high tech apparatus. The terrain of each putting green is changed mechanically and offers a real challenge to novices and pros alike. A talking score keeper announces the results of each round and tallies up the results when the play is completed.

11. Portable Bowling Alley/strong>
About 12 feet in length, one or more of these bowling alleys can be installed at larger events. Besides being fun to play, it will give an impressive "look" to your arcade set-up. This game features a 10 foot video screen, sound effects and plenty of excitement.

12. Arcaded Football
Played by two quarterbacks simultaneously, the object in this game is to throw as many passes as possible in the time period allotted which get caught by receivers. The points are kept digitally and the buzzer rings when the quarter is up.

13. Arcade Legends
The custom menu offers over 100 titles of classic arcade games to choose from. The user is provided a brief tutorial once a game has been selected. Real arcade controls including 2 joy sticks, one trackball, and fifteen buttons help you control all your old favorites, such as, Alpine Ski, Battle Zone, Missile, Ms. Pac Man, Asteroids, Centipede, Gravitar, or Street Fights.

14. Golden Tee
There are over two dozen courses to choose from in this "all time favorite" arcade game. Golf addicts can't get enough of this challenging interactive play enhanced with creative animations, sound effects, bizarre costume choices and more. Play vs. the machine or challenge several other golfers to join in for a championship tournament event.

15. Ping Pong Table
We'll bring in one or more high quality ping pong tables for parties at home or in large venues. Kids and adults all have the skills to get an exciting game going with either 2 players or four. Beginners can learn on the spot - the rules are easy to follow. Pros can take it the highest level providing entertainment for all the other party guests.

16. Pool Table
We have many beautiful mahogany billiard tables available for an arcade theme party, tournament event, or any other special occasion which requires this type of amusement rental. From delivery to set up to removal, our service team does a dependable and conscientious job for each and every client.

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Arcade game rentals Boston area

Your next event will get a boost of high energy fun thanks to Urban Circus Events arcade game rentals Boston area.

Imagine the delight of guests of all ages as they indulge in their favorite sports arcade game rentals Boston area, testing their skill and enjoying their thrill of game play throughout your party.

No matter what the interest or passion, our Boston event planners have arcade game rentals in Boston and throughout the New England area that will satisfy everyone. The hockey fan will find plenty to cheer about with our air hockey or team hockey games that are top of the line among Boston arcade game rentals. Our air hockey features superior, high speed puck action propelled by streaming air power. Meanwhile, our team hockey game's sound effects and digital score build on the excitement of controlling players with fast moving control rods.

Other team sports are well represented within our superior selection of arcade game rentals Boston area. With Soccer, we have the much beloved foosball table. In addition, we offer the up and coming favorite Boccer Ball where two players engage in high spirited competition by shooting marbles into opposing goals.

All of the great sports are represented by Urban Circus Events' favorite arcade game rentals Boston. Guests can test their court abilities by attempting to sink three-point shots in our basketball arcade game for the best in Boston party equipment rentals. For younger children, our inflatable basketball court gives them the opportunity to shoot as many baskets as possible in specific amounts of time courtesy of our arcade game rentals Boston.

Arcaded football, which allows players to score with quarterback-quality throws, and our inflatable batting cage, where youngsters test their batting aptitude against an automated pitcher offer even more amazing choices for your arcade game rentals Boston area and throughout Massachusetts.

And let's remember that our Boston event planners also offers the classics such as pinball-type games, skeeball, ping pong, portable bowling alley and pool tables which will bring a smile to even the most discerning gamer seeking Boston arcade game rentals.

This wealth of arcade gaming adds special distinction to all events, whether private or public. Our arcade game rentals Boston area offers endless hours of top notch entertainment at birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduation and anniversary celebrations for unequaled gaming pleasure among these entertainment Boston arcade games attractions.

Meanwhile, business and non-profits alike benefit immensely from our arcade game rentals New England brought to you by Boston event planning of Urban Circus Events. Potential customers and loyal consumers are drawn to store openings, product promotions and sales opportunities by our high level of arcade game entertainment Boston and beyond.

At the same time, charities and other non-profit organizations will further their message or cause when visitors make the most of our arcade game rentals in the Boston area at street festivals, block parties, country fairs and other special occasions.

So, for the best in arcade game rentals Boston area and across New England, visit us at www.urbancircusevents.com or contact us Monday through Saturday